Where's The Water For Outdoor Medical Marijuana Gardens?

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You can't count on just rain to water outdoor marijuana.

You can't count on just rain to water outdoor marijuana.
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" 80% of a medical marijuana plant is made up of water. "

One of the most important aspects of growing outdoor medical marijuana is the water source. Don’t let the spring rains fool you into believing your choice plot will be naturally irrigated. Chances are you will need to supplement water to your plants throughout the summer months. Large plants need large amounts of water, so planning a way to get your water is very important.

Natural Water Source

The best place for an outdoor medical marijuana garden is by a natural water source. A spring, creek, river or pond can provide all the irrigation a grower will need. It is always a good idea to have the water source tested for pH, nutrient levels and contaminates. Most growers pump water into some sort of holding tank where it can be treated if necessary and any desired nutrients can be added. A natural “pump” can be created in a stream or river with a current. Submerging a section of PVC with the open end pointed up-current can redirect water to the garden area. Rain water collected in holding tanks is a great natural water source as well. This source is best left as a secondary water source because chances are rain water alone will not suffice the entire season. Still, you will rarely see an outdoor crop happier than after a good July/August rain shower.

Well or Municipal Water Source

For the outdoor growers fortunate enough to be close to a well or municipal water source water is less of a concern. Well water, depending on the depth of the well,  should be tested twice per growing season. Test once at the beginning of the season and once midway through. It is not uncommon for an aquifer’s water to change in pH and nutrient composition during the drier parts of the year. Some adjustments may be necessary to maintain optimal water conditions. Municipal water sources are less vulnerable to fluctuations in water quality. If applicable, filter harmful chlorides and other contaminates before feeding municipal water to your plants. For both well and municipal  water sources, a large holding tank can be advantageous for adding nutrients and making other adjustments on a larger scale.

Pack It In

For the hardcore guerrilla medical marijuana growers the only option may be to pack the water in. This tactic can be very strenuous and should be avoided if possible. A gallon of water weighs roughly 7 - 8 pounds so there are definite limitations as to what can be carried. If you absolutely have to do it, make the most of the carried in water by mixing water-holding polymer crystals or diatomite rock into the soil. These additives will hold water much longer than soil alone and will slowly release moisture to the plants as needed. 

Like humans, medical marijuana plants are made mostly of water. In fact, 80% of a medical marijuana plant is made up of water. There is no questioning the role quality water plays in producing top-grade medical marijuana.




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