Use Deep Water Culture To Grow Massive Medical Marijuana Plants

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Deep water culture produces large plants very quickly.

Deep water culture produces large plants very quickly.
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" Many states have legal limits to the number of plants, making growing large plants a must. "

There are many hydroponic methods that medical marijuana growers can use. And more medical marijuana growers are turning to hydro-systems that can grow the biggest plants in the shortest amount of time. This is because most states that have medical marijuana laws have limited the grower to a certain number of plants. To ensure enough medication for their patients and themselves, many growers like to get those allotted plants as big as possible.

Growing large plants can take a long time in traditional soil containers, so growers are forced to choose a hybrid or hydroponic system that can accelerate growth rates and keep their perpetual garden’s harvest cycles on a consistent schedule. Deep Water Culture (DWC) fits these requirements more than any other hydroponic system and that is why it is becoming a favored method for medical marijuana gardeners.

Deep Water Culture is best described as a hydroponic system where the plant’s root mass is submerged directly into the nutrient solution contained in the plant module. The plant modules are commonly made from 5 gallon buckets but can also be made from various sized rubbermaid containers. Traditionally, each plant has its own module but I have seen systems that have multiple plants in a single container.

Found within each plant module is a supply of air, generally administered via air pump. This air supply is absolutely vital to the plant’s performance because it is the sole supply of oxygen to the roots.

Usually air pump output is rated by the amount of liters of air per minute the pump expels. When purchasing your air pump make sure it’s large enough to supply each plant module with a minimum of 5 liters of air per minute. In other words, an air pump with a rating of 30 liters of air per minute would be suitable for six modules in a Deep Water Culture system.

When setting up a Deep Water Culture system, you need to decide is whether you want a closed or recirculating system. In a closed system, each plant module is essentially its own reservoir. Any adjustments to PPM or pH would need to be made to each individual plant. This is acceptable for small gardens, but for large or commercial gardens, a recirculating system is much more efficient. A recirculating Deep Water Culture garden will have a central reservoir that feeds each plant module, usually via top feed. As the plant module fills, gravity pushes the solution through the return line at the bottom of each module and back to the reservoir. Adjustments to PPM and pH can be made within the main reservoir and, in theory, keep the levels of the entire system consistent.

Oxygen being supplied directly to the roots combined with the roots being submerged in nutrient solution results in unbelievably fast absorption of nutrients, allowing the plants to perform photosynthesis in an almost hyperdrive manner. When water temperatures are in the desired range (68-72°F) you cannot find a faster system for creating monster medical marijuana plants than Deep Water Culture.

Check out this DWC grow to see how large your plants can get.

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