Save Valuable Light Energy In your Medical Marijuana Garden With Reflective Material

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light reflection

Reflective materials in your MMJ grow rom save valuable energy and increase yields.
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" Save money and increase yields with reflective materials. "

Light is the sole energy input in a medical marijuana garden and it directly influences a garden’s output (yield). It becomes apparent that wasted light equals wasted energy, which, in turn, equals less yield.

Even with the lighting fixtures set up in an efficient manner there is still a potential loss of some light. In order to use every possible bit of light energy, many gardeners choose to line their grow rooms with reflective material. These reflective materials “bounce” the light back toward the plants and allow some of the otherwise wasted light energy to be used.

Reflective materials also diffuse the light. Diffusion of light refers to the manner in which light is distributed or spread out. There are numerous different reflective materials available and each one has advantages and disadvantages.



Mylar is probably the most popular reflective material used in indoor gardens. This is because it is relatively inexpensive and easy to use. This light-weight material can be hung in seconds with a staple gun or an adhesive. Mylar looks very similar to a mirror. It reflects around 90% of the light, but its diffusion is less impressive. Mylar is also hard to clean and can become damaged with excess moisture. It can rip, crinkle and crease very easily when hanging so some caution should be used during installation.



Foylon is similar to mylar in its reflective capabilities (around 97%), but due to its dimpled construction it diffuses the light more efficiently. Foylon is much more expensive than mylar, but for good reason. It is very strong, durable, extremely easy to clean and can be reused almost indefinitely. Hanging foylon is just as easy as mylar, maybe even easier because there is no worry of creasing or tearing. The main disadvantage of foylon is its high cost.


Flat White Paint or Black and White Poly Plastic

The white side of the black and white poly plastic (sometimes referred to as panda plastic) or flat white paint creates an 85% reflective surface. This option is by far the most cost effective. Even a penny pincher can go out and buy some flat white paint to boost their room’s reflectivity. Many growers choose poly plastic over paint because it is very easy to clean. Although there are better materials for refection and diffusion, a flat white surface is a reputable choice and definitely better than an uncovered wall.


Sheets of Dimpled Aluminum

Many companies are now offering sheets of the same dimpled aluminum materials found inside of light reflectors. These sheets are the ultimate reflective material for your room, boasting 95-97% refection rates and the best diffusion money can buy. They are rigid in construction and can create a permanent reflective surface in your grow room. Unfortunately, they are extremely expensive, somewhat heavy and require a little more hardware to hang up. The sheets come in predetermined sizes which can make customizing them to your room a difficult job.


Learn More About Reflective Materials:

Grow Room Reflective Paint VS MYLAR & Panda... von MonsterGardensDOTCOM

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