Reducing Transition Stress In Your Medical Marijuana Plants

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knowing the  procedures to properly acclimate—can save time and money.

knowing the procedures to properly acclimate—can save time and money.
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" Many growers don’t even know their plants are being stressed! "

There are numerous times throughout the life of a medical marijuana plant when stresses occur from a change in the environment. Although these changes may seem inconsequential to the grower, they can be very significant to a plant. Many growers don’t even know their plants are being stressed and underperforming. Recognizing the stages when a medical marijuana plant could require acclimation—and knowing the  procedures to properly acclimate—can save time, money, and a whole mess of other problems.

Eliminate Plant Stress In Cloned Marijuana

Taking clones or cuttings will dramatically reduce overall propagation time and allows for perpetual gardening. The cloning stage is the stage that usually requires the most acclimation. This is because the environmental conditions suitable for cloning are much different from the optimal conditions for growing medical marijuana.

Clones require a higher humidity and temperature than a vegetative room, so acclimation is crucial when transferring between stages. As soon as the clones start showing signs of root development, remove the humidity dome everyday, increasing the time each day until the dome is removed entirely. I usually start with a few hours off the first day and increase from there.

It is also beneficial to reduce the heat as the cuttings take root. Remove the heating mat or cycle the submersible pump in the clone machine as soon as the clones take root to better prepare them for their transition into the vegetative stage.

Transplanting Your Medical Marijuana Plants

Transplanting a medical marijuana plant is the human equivalent to major surgery. This process should be done gently and carefully. A recently transplanted medical marijuana plant should be slowly introduced to fertilizers and removed from direct, intense light for at least a few hours, if not an entire day or two. Stress can be reduced in transplants with the use of a B vitamin formula, like Advanced Nutrients’ Organic-B. Slowly acclimate the plants to full lighting and nutrient strength, and watch closely for any visible signs of stress.

Changes In Light Cycle or Intensity

Any time a medical marijuana plant is moved from vegetative stage to flowering stage—or an indoor plant is moved outside—there is a huge change in environmental conditions. For plants recently transitioned from vegetative stage to flowering stage, it is a good idea to raise up the lights in order to reduce light intensity, especially when the flowering room has more total wattage than the vegetative room. Slowly move the lights down to the optimal distance over a period of about a week. This will ensure proper acclimation to the new environment while retaining vigorous growth.

This process is very similar to plants moved from indoors to outdoors. “Hardening off” a medical marijuana plant refers to the acclimation of a plant to the intensity of natural sunlight. Place the plants in a shaded location and do not allow any more than a few hours of direct sunlight for the first week or so. After the plants have been acclimated, they can be planted or placed in a location where they will receive the most sunlight possible.


The best rule of thumb for the acclimation of medical marijuana plants is to take things slowly. When things are rushed or forced, any biological creature, including medical marijuana, will resist, causing undesirable results. Inevitable environmental changes, when taken with caution and patience, can become seamless transitions which leave a thriving medical marijuana garden unaffected.

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