The Pros And Cons Of Feminized Medical Marijuana Seeds

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Feminized seeds means no unwanted male marijuana plants.

Feminized seeds means no unwanted male marijuana plants.
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" Reputable breeders use more sophisticated methods to create stable feminized seeds.  "

Unless you are new to the field of medical marijuana, chances are you have at least heard of feminized seeds. These seeds are likely to produce female offspring; with some seed companies claiming 90-100% female plants. Many growers avoid feminized seeds because of concerns regarding the stability of the plant and the possibility of hermaphrodites. Although some methods used by less reputable breeders can create high hermaphrodite offspring ratios, there are many reputable breeders using more sophisticated methods to create stable feminized seeds.

Feminized seeds are the result of a female plant being pollenated with pollen created by another female plant. Female medical marijuana plants, like other dioecious plants, will mutate (hermaphrodite) to create their own pollen in certain environments where there is a low amount of male pollen available. In most cases this happens when the female can no longer be fertilized herself. Breeders discovered when a pollen-producing female plant pollenates another female plant the offspring are almost entirely female plants. This discovery has led to a few different methods of creating feminized seeds.


Beware Marijuana Hermaphrodites

Less reputable seed companies select female plants with a tendency for hermaphrodites and use them to pollenate other female strains to create feminized seeds. Although the offspring will be mostly female, this method produces stability issues. Even if the female recipient of the pollen is 100% female, with no hermaphrodite tendencies, the other parent (the pollen producing female) is a hermaphrodite by nature and will instill that trait into its offspring. Feminized seeds produced by this method can, and will, produce hermaphrodite plants.

How The Pros Create Feminized Marijuana Seeds

The breeders that create quality feminized seeds use a different method. Instead of selecting a hermaphrodite as the pollen producer, they select a 100% female with desirable traits and use a treatment of hormones or safe chemicals to produce abundant male flowers. These “artificial hermaphrodites” pollenate other female plants creating feminized offspring. The difference in this process is stability. The female clone that is treated with the chemical or hormone still passes its stable genetics on to the offspring which results in feminized seeds with little or no hermaphroditic tendencies.

An Important Warning About Feminized Marijuana Seeds

When discussing feminized seeds one important issue should be addressed. The plants produced by these seeds cannot produce their own offspring. They are completely sterile. Growers should avoid feminized seeds if they are looking to purchase strains in order to breed their own genetics. For many medical marijuana growers a perpetual garden where offspring are created via cloning is the preferred method so sterile seeds is of little concern.




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