What Kills Your Marijuana? The Brown Dirt Warrior Breaks It Down

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What Kills Marijuana Plants?

What Kills Marijuana Plants?
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Well, to begin with, calling it a weed is a bit of a misnomer.  The word "weed" evokes images of plants so hardy they grow between the cracks in the concrete with nary a foothold, and certainly with no help from man.

Sound like marijuana? No, not quite. In fact, books are written about how to avoid killing your weed. So here is a more exploratory article on the reasons why we do.

Killing your marijuana requires a fundamental lack of intuition about the mechanisms of plant biology. Left alone in nature under the right conditions, marijuana thrives just fine, thank you very much. And It's not so much mimicking and recreating natural processes in grow rooms that gets you into trouble, but more about when you treat a plant like an inanimate object that can be manipulated to suit your ambitions, which is often counter intuitive to the way a plant thrives.

And while you CAN manipulate plant biology to an extent -- with lighting, man-made nutrients, etc. But there are great limitations to how you can impose your will on the plant and defy what nature has put into place over billions of years.

The marijuana plant, or any plant really, is capable of taking a lot of what you throw at it in terms of manipulating the life cycle and making it produce more and faster, but it must be done in stages and incrementally so that the plant can adjust. Here is an illustration:

If a seed germinates and sprouts under natural sunlight, there is no need to acclimate the plant to the intensity of the sun -- the plant calibrates and adjusts itself by first sprouting cotyledons, then small leaves that gradually open, and so on. This is gradual and takes time and the plant copes accordingly with safeguards build in by nature. 

But if you start a plant under lamps, allow a large Thylakoid membrane and chloroplast area to develop on the leaves under relatively soft light compared to the sun, then throw it into the intense sun as a seedling, what happens? The plant goes into shock and shuts down, or deforms and stunts, maybe even dies.  And this is because it has been subjected to extremes that it cannot assimilate fast enough, so its biological processes seize up. 

This happens with fertilizing as well, and overfeeding is endemic in the marijuana growing world. The "more is better" edict runs rampant in the commercial field of growing where time is money, and had meant the death of many a plant from giving it too much too fast.

The number one thing you can do to kill your weed? Subject it to rapid changes that fit YOUR agenda and not the natural processes of the plant. Introduce change slowly to your plants and give them time to adjust and adapt, the way nature intended, and you will be amazed at the tolerances it actually can adapt.

Happy trails!


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