How To Start Your Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Plants From Seed

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marijuana seeds

Good seeds are not brittle or soft and generally have a light brownish appearance, usuallycombined with dark striping.
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" Good medical marijuana seeds aren’t cheap, so make sure you germinate them correctly "

Every medical marijuana plant on the planet started out the same way: as a seed. There are a few different ways a grower can obtain medical marijuana seeds. Many growers decide to use seeds they have collected from their medicine over the years, while others depend on breeders for their seeds.

Today there are many seed companies supplying various strains of potent medical marijuana, so just about anyone can get their hands on quality genetics. Good seeds aren’t cheap, so making sure you germinate them correctly is of the utmost importance.

It can be assumed that if you are purchasing your seeds then they have gone through some sort of quality control. But if you are using seeds that you have collected, it would be a good idea to examine the seeds before germinating. Poor seeds can be either white or greenish, which signifies immaturity, or extremely dark brown or black, which could signify old age. Good seeds are not brittle or soft and generally have a light brownish appearance usually (but not always) combined with dark striping.

Reputable seed companies will never include immature or old seeds in their seed packs. (Read this article to learn more about reputable seed companies.)

There are a few different ways to germinate a seed. One of the most obvious and popular methods is to simply plant the seed into soil and keep the medium moist and the environmental conditions in check (temperature 70-80°F, humidity 50-70%). This works great for most soil growers.

However, for the hydroponic grower, it is generally better to germinate the seed out of the medium and then transplant it once the seed has protruded the radicle root. The radicle root is the embryonic root which is the first to emerge from a seeding during germination. Using a wet paper towel is still probably the best way to observe a seed’s radicle root formation.

Thoroughly wet a paper towel and fold the seeds inside. Place the wet paper towel in a environment of 75-85°F (on a seedling heat mat or the top of a refrigerator). Check on the seeds two or three times a day to make sure the paper towel continues to stay moist. Unfold the paper towel to observe the seeds. Within 48 hours you should see the seed cases split and an emergence of a tiny white root (radicle root). At this stage, the seedling is extremely fragile and should be handled with immense care.


Once a seed has developed a radicle root it is ready to be transferred into your soil or hydroponic medium. Prepare a small hole in the medium about a half of an inch deep. Make sure the medium is moist before planting the seed. With a pair of tweezers, gently place the germinated seed in the medium with the radicle root pointed downward. Cover the seedling carefully with more medium and water with a small amount of room temperature water (water that is too cold or too warm can shock the sensitive seedling).

For the first week or so, it may be necessary to hand water your seedling until the roots have established in the hydroponic system. Seedlings require little or no food, so nutrient concentration should be kept to a minimum. I generally use a B vitamin like Organic-B for the first week and then switch over to a mild fertilizer. As the seedlings grow into plants, increase the concentration every week until the desired fertilizer strength is reached.

Soon your tiny seed will grow into a robust medical marijuana plant that, with a little luck and a lot of care, will provide you with fresh, sticky buds covered with THC.

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