How To Grow Indoor Strains Of Marijuana Outdoors

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You can get beautiful buds like this my moving your plants outside during daylight.

You can get beautiful buds like this my moving your plants outside during daylight.
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How To Grow Indoor Strains Of Marijuana Outdoors

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" Your crop gets the full strength of the sun for maximum production of resins and bud mass. "

It’s amazing how many fledgling growers do not understand the difference between indoor and outdoor marijuana strains. They frequently put indoor varieties outside only to be faced with grave disappointment when they put in all the work and don‘t get a harvest. Indoor strains typically do not have the hardiness to survive the outdoor elements. They frequently do not have the resistance to mold, and some can go into shock quiet easily when subjected to quick drops or rises in temperature. They also tend not to finish flowering in time outdoors. Contrast this against hardy outdoor varieties, some of which can actually take a hit or two of hoar frost and can have the crap beat out of them and still thrive. They also finish flowering in time, before the weather gets too cold in the Northern Hemisphere.

Some say you cannot beat the power of the sun to grow the finest medicine. Others claim outdoor varieties of marijuana are inferior and the elements too unpredictable, and that the way to go is high-bred indoor strains grown in a controlled environment unde  artificial lights. Certainly both methods of growing have their virtues and drawbacks, but what about a combination  of the two for the ultimate solution?

Combining the best elements of indoor and outdoor growing is exactly what some enterprising connoisseur growers do, by vegging their temperamental, high-bred indoor strains (that could never survive the full onslaught of an outdoor season) inside, then put them outside on the patio or on the deck during the day after the summer solstice, when the daylight hours start to get shorter and trigger flowering. They bring them back indoors again in the late day after the sun goes over the horizon when dew strikes and the night temperatures drop.

Now, they get the full strength of the sun for maximum production of resins and bud mass during the flowering cycle, and the protection of an indoor, controlled environment to keep the mold at bay and ward off  any shock from rain, wind, animals and fluctuations in temperature. On rainy or overcast days the plants simply stay under the lights inside.

The beauty of this method is that the flowering cycle can be triggered indoors and timed to coincide with the duration of outdoor light, so that when the crop goes outside it is already well into flower, thus greatly shortening the finishing time outside. This combined method of growing produces some of the finest bud I have ever sampled.

This methodology does not lend itself to large numbers of plants for obvious reasons, the workload would be too great. And growers should also be sure to have a license that permits outdoor growing. But it is totally manageable with a dozen or so plants to grow your connoisseur head stash. There is an extra layer of work involved with bringing you babies outside and back inside every single day,  to be sure, but the rewards will be worth it, I can assure you!

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