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A marijuana plant growing outdoor

Put yourself in the outdoor marijuana picture!
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" Pay off your mortgage growing outdoor medical marijuana! "

If you could make thousands of $$$$$ growing medical marijuana in just a few months, with minimal investment in grow equipment and supplies, would you do it?

My bud buddy Jake made $51,000 last year growing outdoor medical marijuana at two guerilla locations.

Maybe a better way to put it is he planted some marijuana plants, gave them good soil and timed-release doses of Heavy Harvest fertilizer, and Mother Nature grew it for him!

Jake invested about $2900 in seeds, transportation, a motorized trimmer, soil, Heavy Harvest fertilizer and miscellaneous supplies, and sold mega-pounds of his THC-rich Yumboldt x Jack Herer cross to make $51,000 in pure profit.

Discover Your Own Marijuana Growing Gold Mine

As electricity and infrastructure costs rise, many more medical marijuana growers are seriously considering outdoor growing for the first time.

If you’ve only grown medical marijuana indoors, your first outdoor season will teach you how "safe" your plants are indoors compared to outdoors. On the other hand, outdoor growing gives you many benefits, including:

• You save big money on lighting, air conditioning, timers, electricity, C02 and other indoor hydroponics supplies.
• If you do a guerrilla grow (and you’re not maintaining your indoor hydroponics garden at the same time), you’ve decreased your domestic security risks.
• If you grow in large grow bags, pots or directly in the earth itself, you provide space for your plants to develop massive roots, stalks and structure, so you can yield POUNDS per plant.
• You can grow connoisseur outdoor strains (often Sativa-dominant) that just won’t work indoors. And contrary to what most growers believe, outdoor Sativas can yield just as much weight as Indicas or Afghanicas.
• Your cost-benefits ratio means you harvest a lot more bud for less $$$ and time investment.

Of course, these benefits are offset by the fact that outdoor growing openly exposes your marijuana plants to insect pests, viruses, diseases, animal/human predators, floods, drought, fires, climate disruption and other hazards.

If you’re growing in a controlled space—backyard, greenhouse, personally-owned acreage, and similar turf—you increase your security, but your costs could be higher than if you’re doing guerilla growing.

On the other hand, growing in a controlled space means you’re a lot less likely to get ripped off, and you can move your plants indoors if bad weather or other crazy stuff happens.

But if you're willing to roll the dice in hopes of a potentially magnificent payoff, guerilla growing means you put your marijuana plants in the woods, set up minimal infrastructure, add Heavy Harvest to the root zone at the start of spring, summer and fall, and look forward to what could be a very profitable grow venture.

Get the Outdoor Marijuana Knowledge You Need

Indoors or outdoors, investing in knowledge is absolutely crucial to your success as a marijuana grower. 

I do my best to provide you with complete and accurate grow information, but some topics can’t be done easily in a webzine format. It’s best if you have all the information in one place...

That’s why I recommend you invest in books and DVD’s so you can see what to do. Like the videos I've embedded in this article.

And here are other top-rank outdoor growing info sources worth more than their weight in marijuana gold:

Prohibition DVD, by Brown Dirt Warrior: There are only a couple of professionally-produced movies that focus wholly on outdoor marijuana growing. The Moneytree is one of them, but it’s almost impossible to find.

By far, the smartest outdoor grow movie choice is Prohibition, created by, made by, and starred in by Brown Dirt Warrior.

This bad boy is so ripped that he makes MMA tough guys piss their pants. He’s also a veteran guerilla grower (and Big Buds writer/photographer) with Hollywood-level movie-making skills to match his grandmaster outdoor marijuana growing chops.

Not only do you see how he does site selection, planting, irrigation, fertilization and security in outdoor guerilla gardens, you also see his dramatic (and apparently true-to-life) back-story that shows what marijuana growers go through dealing with lovers, debt, police, climate, crop loss, courage, and redemption.

Brown Dirt Warrior is the marijuana world's only professional cinematographer and scriptwriter, and it shows.

Friends of mine bought copies of his DVD several times, because they wore it out watching it, and also so they could give it as gifts.

I made the mistake of loaning my copy to a grower associate; the guy stole it from me. That's how good it is.

The DVD is accompanied by a marijuana master grow guide, and last time I checked with Brown Dirt Warrior, he told me every DVD he sends out is personally autographed.

Before you embark on a medical marijuana guerilla grow, study the wisdom in this stunning video. With its sparkling British Columbia wilderness scenery, heart-stopping tension, and bud-heavy outdoor plants, Brown Dirt Warrior's film educates you about outdoor marijuana growing and touches your heart, all in one go.

Marijuana New School Outdoor Cultivation, by Jeff Mowta: This modernistic outdoor marijuana grow book is heavy on nutritional chemistry.

Mowta gets creative by offering modified hydroponics systems outdoors, soil mixes, fertilizer component mixes, transplanting, and garden maintenance. The book is written so you can understand it, and contains beautiful color photos that’ll make you thirst for the outdoor growing experience.

Mowta has pioneered a hybrid of indoor and outdoor techniques to boost your outdoor crops past the usual yields and potency they get when you just throw plants into the ground or grow bags with supersoil.

Marijuana: Outdoor Grower’s Guide, by S.T. Oner: This attractive book is glossy and sumptuous...real eye candy material. It also gives you a full spectrum range of marijuana growing information that goes beyond and complements Marijuana New School Outdoor Cultivation.

Oner gives you a comprehensive look at all the issues you face as an outdoor grower, especially as an outdoor guerilla grower.

He offers unique, practical insights into grow site selection, camouflage, non-toxic pest control, site security, soil remediation, on-site potency sampling, outdoor cloning and emergency procedures.

As a trio, Brown Dirt Warrior's DVD, the Oner book and the Mowta book give you practically everything you need to know about outdoor growing except for an outdoor strain guide. The books are available via Green Candy Press.

Making it a Go for Your Big $$$ Outdoor Marijuana Grow

By now you've realized that you can grow the marijuana moneytree outdoors, and you want the best strategy for outdoor guerilla marijuana growing, because maybe you don’t feel comfortable doing growing marijuana in a controlled turf environment such as your backyard or other outdoor territory owned by yourself, a friend or an associate.

Again, get Brown Dirt Warrior’s DVD and the two Green Candy books I recommended. Study them; consider what you've learned as it applies to your particular locale and grow situation.

Then start as many outdoor-appropriate clones and seedlings as possible, preferably before spring starts.

Find yourself a place where it rains at least two inches per week, or where you can easily rig irrigation, or carry enough water to your plants to keep them healthy.

Please note: carrying water to your plants can be a backbreaking chore that exposes you to security risks and logistical costs.

Scope your garden location way ahead of time, analyzing security issues and logistics. Calculate how much time, struggle, potential injury and risk you’re willing to take.

If you’ve found a site that gets at least seven hours a day of direct light, you can look at your outdoor season as a relatively pain-free “experiment.”

Go out there and put as many clones or seedlings into the ground as you can, using GPS or some other strategy to remember where you put them.

I’ll do at least one more outdoor article in this series, but remember what Jake got, and you’ll see it’s all worth it.

You’re wise to realize that outdoor growing doesn’t offer you as sure a payoff as indoor growing, unless you’re growing in a controlled area.

But think of the potential payoff:

You put out 60 clones or seedlings, and do virtually nothing to help them (unlike an indoor grow, where you ought to be doing some garden work every day).

Even if only a dozen or so plants make it to harvest in October and November, and if you’ve chosen a primo outdoor strain, provided Heavy Harvest or other fertilization, and had grace from the climate and disaster gods…you harvest 8-20 pounds of dried buds!

These outdoor buds might not be as pristine-looking as indoor-grown medical marijuana. They might have raggedy leaves or be a bit sullied by dust or other debris. But think about it: 20 pounds of buds.

Let’s say you sell 'em for some ridiculously low wholesale amount, like $1100 a pound. That’s still $22,000, and unless you made the mistake of spending way too much on transport, materials and other grow costs, your outdoor profit ratio is many times greater than your indoor profit ratio, because your overhead is so much lower than indoor grows...and because outdoor plants yield so much more weight than indoor plants.

How about dreaming even bigger? Say you put out 70 primo clones or pre-sexed seedlings, and 35 of them grow out as healthy females all the way to a mold-free harvest. Then you’re looking at 20-50 pounds or more!

Again, the good news is: you didn’t pay a dime for electricity, indoor grow equipment, air conditioning, or much of anything else.

Sure you paid for gasoline, grow bags, soil, fertilizers, irrigation tubing, pest control, and whatever it cost you to make the seedlings and clones in the first place. But...

Your return on investment is humongous when you grow outdoors. It’s fun, it’ll get you in shape (take a look at Brown Dirt Warrior's six-pack abs, and weep when you find out the guy is half a century old).

Outdoor growing puts you in league with Mother Nature. Watch Prohibition and you’ll see that outdoor growing will increase your strength, spirit and maturity.

The decisive question is: are you a ganja warrior, ready to grow medical marijuana in the great outdoors? Maybe this year is your year to find out. So look for my next article on outdoor growing. I'll tell you how Jake defeated potential rip-offs. Assisted by his trusty friend, Mr. Glock.

Imagine this… Ultra Haze marijuana trees, 15 feet tall, buds as long and big around as your arms, harvest weight that requires you to add extra suspension for your truck!

Picture this: $51,000 worth of medical marijuana profits…without paying a penny for electricity! You can do it. Now is the time. Get growing!!

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