Grow The Best Medical Marijuana In Your Own Closet

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Grow The Best Medical Marijuana In Your Own Closet

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Want to grow some personal medicine, but don't have an extra room in the house? Grow in your closet! For years, medical marijuana smokers have taken what little space they have and produced killer buds. With just a few tips and tricks you can join their ranks in no time.

Making Good Use of Your Space

Closet grows can be as small as 1 x 1 x 3 feet or as large as a walk-in. Either way, when using an area like a closet or crawlspace you must plan your grow well. Slapping together a few pots and a light for your girls just won't get the job done. If your area has a height of at least a 6 feet you can split the area into two sections, top (4-feet tall) and bottom (2-feet tall). One section for vegetative growth, and a second section for blooming your girls.

Make sure the shelf you install to separate the areas is "light-tight," meaning no light from one section leaks into the other. Light leaks can ruin cannabis gardens! If you have a semi-large area, like a walk-in closet, you can cut the room in half rather than top and bottom. Having separate areas for bloom and vegetative growth will allow you perpetually harvest by cutting and then replacing one small plant every week or two.

If you only have a very small area, you will have to both grow and bloom under the same light. When vegging and blooming in the same space gardeners can only harvest once every couple of months or so. Using strains which "auto-flower" (bud at a specific age) are a crafty choice for limiting harvest times these situations.



Picking the Right Equipment

Most indoor gardeners prefer high intensity discharge lamps like HPS and MH for their girls because they emit enough energy to produce a bounty of gooey THC-filled nuggets. HIDs also emit a lot of heat. For this reason, only the smallest wattages (150-250) can be used in closet grows, and even then, they must be heavily ventilated to prevent problems. LED and T5 florescent lights are a much smarter choice in this situation. They both produce more light and less heat per watt than the more powerful HIDs. Look for LED and T5 setups with thin/low-profile shapes to minimize the space they take up. I would suggest using a moderate T5 system for the vegetative section, and as powerful an LED light you can find for bloom.

Ventilating you closet grow is an absolute must! Heat can build-up amazingly fast in small areas, which will kill your prized buds in no time. In-line fans are the preferred choice not only for their efficiency and stealth, but also their ability to easily connect to odor killing devices like carbon filters. You can also use L-shaped blowers and just regular fans if you have small, low-watt systems, but I don't recommend them because they're loud and inefficient. This is one of those areas where a grower gets what they pay for, and if they've paid for a Baddass Blower from Advanced Nutrients they'll be happy indeed.



Picking the Right Strain

Picking the right strain is always important, but closet growers have more to consider when it comes to the genetics they choose. Choose a strain which is described by the breeder as having little or no "stretch." This usually refers to the amount of bare space on the stem between buds, called internode spacing. In general, Indica strains from northern climates provide the shortest and quickest flowering cannabis. Plants with significant amounts of Sativa (unless bred specifically to be small) should be avoided because they will get too big for your space. Make sure to take a look at "auto-flower" strains because many of them have been specifically bred for closet grows.



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