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EZ Clone is one of several high-quality aeroponic cloning machines on the market.

EZ Clone is one of several high-quality aeroponic cloning machines on the market.
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" Cloning machines deliver consistant quality MMJ clones. "

Cloning is by far the hardest skill to master in a perpetual medical marijuana garden. It is also the most crucial stage due to the fact that all future generations of crops rely on healthy, rooted clones. There are a variety of methods used by indoor gardeners and each one has advantages and disadvantages. A method that has rapidly become one of the most popular, due to its consistency and relatively simplicity, is the use of an aeroponic clone machine.


How A Cloning Machine Works

An aeroponic clone machine is any cloning chamber that has an enclosed reservoir which sprays the stems of the cuttings directly with the cloning solution. These machines come in a variety of sizes and shapes and can be powered by a submersible water pump or an external air pump. Although these machines differ in appearance, they are all based on the same concept: maximizing oxygen to the root zone. One of the reasons these machines work so well is the perfect ratio of moisture to air surrounding the stem of the cutting. This is also the reason most clone machines do not require a dome; the humidity levels near the base of the cutting are always consistent.


Adding Rooting Solutions For Even Faster Results

Many clone machines work well with straight water but medical marijuana growers who want to speed up the rooting process will generally add a rooting hormone or solution to the reservoir of the cloning machine. Juicy Roots by Advanced Nutrients can be used as a cloning dip, but can also be added in small amounts to the solution of a clone machine to ensure total coverage. I have seen plants produce roots in a matter of days with this method.


Always Watch Your Temperature

Every cloning method has its disadvantages too. Clone machines are great in cooler locations, but in warmer conditions the submersible pump may heat the water beyond the desired range. A quick-fix solution is to connect a cycle timer to the pump. I have even cycled clone machine pumps with a 15 minute increment timer and had great success. As the timer cycles, the water is allowed to cool during the off cycle and will hold much less heat in comparison to the pump running continuously.


Cleaning and Maintaining Your Aeroponic Cloning Machine

Cleaning and sterilizing a clone machine are essential to maintaining high success rates. Many growers achieve great results the first few times using a clone machine, only to have their success rate drop off dramatically down the road. Use hydrogen peroxide to wipe down the entire clone machine after every use. Soak neoprene inserts in a hydrogen peroxide or 10% bleach solution after every use as well. The neoprene inserts used in clone machines are very porous and are the culprits for harboring many pathogens. When in doubt, replace the neoprene inserts. I know some meticulous growers that purchase new neoprene inserts for every cycle of clones.

Whether you build one or buy one, clone machines can be an instrumental tool in creating a seamless perpetual medical marijuana garden. As with any cloning medium, make sure to monitor temperature and humidity and make the appropriate changes when necessary. A clean, well monitored clone machine will produce healthy clones at a fast rate which could actually lead to an overabundance of clones. This is, of course, one problem a medical marijuana grower can live with.

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