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Cloning Medical Marijuana

You can create great clones without the use of a motherplant.
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" When I first started growing, cloning was the one aspect of the hobby that eluded me. "

Cloning is an aspect of growing Medical Marijuana that is really hard for some people to master correctly. I know seasoned growers that still struggle with production of healthy happy cuttings. The method I teach does not require mother plants to be kept, so it's very important to have good results when taking cuttings.

The reason I avoid mother plants is that they are counted in total plant numbers in states with legal limits. They also use up electricity in the vegetative state and as they get bigger can take up valuable space. Long ago, we figured out we could do away with mother plants by becoming efficient in cloning.

Since we have multiple areas to grow in,  before budding fully mature plants that are still in the 18/6 Vegetative phase, cuts are taken and rooted from the mature plants before there are moved into the budding area. This gives us small, healthy duplicate plants ready for vigorous growth instead of older bark-like stems from which it is tough to root.

Some maybe concerned about "genetic shift" but I have read up on the concept and I simply believe it does not apply when taking cuttings from healthy plants. Sure, if you clone some old, tired, root bound mother with woody stems, who knows what could happen. As long as the cutting is made up of healthy cells, we have never encountered a problem.

This method can be easier said than done however, because many growers struggle with cloning. When I first started growing, it was the one aspect of the hobby that eluded me. I went through every device and product on the market until I figured out it really comes down to two basic conditions: temperature and humidity!

These are the main factors that determine rooting time. If these factors are controlled, cuttings will root very fast and be completely healthy and ready to transplant. If these factors are not controlled, rooting can take longer and the cuttings can become stunted and never really take off even after they finally root. Aim for a constant temperature between 74-78 degrees. While some people root outside these parameters, we have the best success using this range.

Take only fresh green shoots to make clones. Older parts of the plant will have a thin bark and cuts taken from this area will not root as easily. They also may not contain 100% healthy cells.

I like to prepare all my materials first before I take any cuttings.


Make sure you cut the clone and a sharp angle like a spear. While a new clean razor blades works best I simply use clean sharp scissors that I use for trimming.

Cut off the long fan leaves about half way to prevent water loss.


I use a plastic pen to make a hole in the rooter and hold it open as I pull out the pen.

I stick the label in at this point before inserting the cutting.


I gently find the hole and slide the cutting in, never forcing it. Be careful not to squeeze the cutting as you press it into the Rapid Rooter.

I keep repeating these steps until all the plants have completed the check list process. Lists are important since they keep us from forgetting, so take the time to write things down.

I see people wasting money on all kinds of contraptions only really designed to take your hard earned dollars out of your pocket. Cloning should be a simple, easy process.

You think cloning is important now? You can bet on it. It’s the key to mastering the art of fine cannabis production.

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