Building The Perfect Nutrient Cocktail For Your Medical Marijuana

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marijuana hydroponics nutrients

There are hundreds of nutrients on the market to help you grow the best marijuana buds.
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" Experimentation is truly the only way to find your plant’s preferred diet. "

You have all of your environmental factors under control and now you want to focus on feeding your medical marijuana the ultimate fertilizer regiment. Many gardeners choose a particular brand of nutrients and stay loyal to that brand; while some people mix and match, making a fertilizer cocktail. People have different preferences when it comes to food and the same goes for plants.

Growers of multiple genetics know that one nutrient regiment is not necessarily optimal for all genetics. Also, since there are so many factors that contribute to optimal performance, what works on a particular genetic in one grow room does not necessarily work in another grow room. Experimentation is truly the only way to find your plant’s preferred diet. Here are some tips to building your fertilizer regiment.

Start with a good base formula. Base formulas are the grow and bloom fertilizers found at your local hydroponic store. You can add a million amendments later, but if you do not have a good base formula the amendments can’t perform up to their potential and you are essentially wasting time and money.

Find a base with a variety of quality ingredients. A variety of ingredients gives the plant multiple sources for given nutrients and allows the plant to “choose” the source from which the nutrients are taken. A good base formula will have substantial NPK and a variety of micronutrients. If the base formula does not contain a sufficient amount of calcium then a calcium additive should be added and considered part of your base formula.

Add amendments. Once you have found a good base formula, add one amendment in your vegetative stage and one in the blooming stage. For the vegetative stage, I like to start with a root enhancer. Throughout the growth stage a good root enhancer will help build root mass, thus increasing nutrient uptake and overall performance. There are many root enhancers on the market and you may have to try a few until you discover the one that works well in your garden.

For the flowering stage, start by adding one bloom enhancer. A good bloom enhancer will increase the flowering hormones and overall size of the flowers. Again, experimentation is a must as there are many different bloom enhancers to choose from.

Add more goodies. Once you are happy with your base formula, root enhancer and bloom enhancer, it is time to add all the other goodies that you want. Carbohydrates, enzyme formulas, amino acids, humic/fulvic acid, microbes and specific vitamins are sometimes found in base formulas but can also be added individually to maximize performance.

Play around with different ratios until you see the results you are looking for. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different manufactures. The best results in my garden have hardly ever come from using one brand of nutrients. Remember to take notes; there is nothing worse than harvesting an epic garden only to realize you have no idea what you were feeding your plants

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