Best Reflective Materials to Maximize Your Marijuana

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By Catelyn Snow


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Reflective Materials Can Bring Out The Beauty in Our Buds as Well.

Reflective Materials Can Bring Out The Beauty in Our Buds as Well.
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" There are also new inventions coming out which will rotate your crop around a light source, allowing for more coverage and potentially better blooms. "

One of the most important aspects of building your grow is to maximize your light by utilizing reflective materials. Light, as we well know, can be incredibly expensive, so by investing a small amount of cash now into making your room a reflective cave of light, you can save a LOT of green down the road on wasted lumens.


Grow Tents

Many folks in the industry nowadays are choosing to invest in grow tents -- pre-fabricated, often modular, mini-rooms, which are built specifically to grow hydroponic plants. Complete with vent holes for ducting, smaller holes for wiring and pipes, and reflective material from roof to floor, these babies are made for maximizing lumen potential, as well as making it as easy as possible for growers to set up and maintain their gardens with minimal sweat equity.

For a grower with a good size room to spare, I have figured out a pretty good system for maintaining a mother plant to have a steady supply of clones, as well as a good-sized grow room for personal use or small-time sales. Growers with more space can obviously use this super basic model and upscale it to their needs. In fact, having one large room for vegetating and one equally-large room for flowering can be ideal if you desire a year-round supply of medication and have the space.

Building Your Own Reflective Room

If you can not afford to or do not want to buy a grow tent, you can simply make your reflective room with materials from the hardware store.

You will want to make a decision about whether one room is sufficient for your needs (for instance, if you plan to grow from seeds or clones and do not need an extra room for cloning or storing a mother plant) or whether you will need to create multiple light-tight rooms.

You want to make sure that you buy enough reflective plastic (basic reflective plastic should do, just make sure that it is a reflective silver material) to cover every inch of wall in the room, plus create any artificial walls, should you need to make multiple rooms. 

So, you should start out with a completely empty room, and figure out how much material you need.


If You Need To Create Rooms

Use the same type of simple math that we just showed you to determine how much reflective plastic you will need to create the rooms or doorways that you desire.

Once you have the right amount of reflective, blackout (that is important) material, use good old duct tape to attach it to the reflective plastic that should be lining your ceiling. For your walkway, you can either leave some overlap of the reflective plastic and use caution when restricting light, or, you can create a doorway using an adhesive medium like Velcro® or magnets (which I have found to work particularly well).


Choosing Your Light Hood

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of maximizing reflectivity is choosing the correct hood. There are a variety of designs, some notably better than others, even if sometimes the cost does not match the quality.

First, I would like to discuss my favorite type of light hood, and why.

These lights tend to have the best of multiple worlds -- they stay cool, they reflect light well, they are inexpensive, and many models work with both High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) -- just make sure your ballasts are compatible.

Many growers will swear by other types of light hoods as well, so make sure to do your research, as usual. There are also new inventions coming out which will rotate your crop around a light source, allowing for more coverage and potentially better blooms. We will have to see what the future of reflectivity and sustainable light sources will bring.


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