Advantages Of Growing Medical Marijuana Outdoors

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Growing Marijuana Outdoors

Nothing beats the actual sun to make your marijuana drip with resin.
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" It takes 20 years to become a Grand Master outdoor grower. "

…Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous … Outdoor, or to take arms against a sea of Indoor troubles…

Okay, so it’s not Shakespeare, but the debate is almost as old: What method of growing medical marijuana is better — indoor or outdoor?

With the advent of indoor growing and things like controlled environments, high tech growing equipment and hybrid, exotic genetics, outdoor growing has taken a bit of a back seat and gotten kind of a bad rap. Visions of hippies scampering in the bush and sprinkling bag seed, only to come back in the fall to collect their rag, dominate popular perception.

However; being the Brown Dirt Warrior, I have to come to the defense of outdoor growing and help hasten its revival. For it is my opinion that the very thing that drove growing inside in the first place — prohibition — will be the very thing responsible for it's resurgence, regaining its rightful place as the superior form of growing cannabis, when the strangle hold of prohibition loosens and marijuana is decriminalized and eventually legalized in most parts of the free world.

Few people realize that indoor marijuana growing is a relatively new phenomenon — at least at the level of popularity it is at today. Commercial growing used to be the domain of the outdoor enthusiast, under the good old sun and with the aid of Mother Nature.

People are going to sneer at me and respond negatively to this, but truth is, the only things indoor growing has on outdoor is stealth and a controlled environment. You cannot beat the sun as a light source for cannabinoid and resin production. And the health of plants outdoors is superior because pests that prey on marijuana have to defend themselves from their own predators outdoors.  Add to this natural ventilation systems, and indoor growing becomes an inferior substitute for the way nature intended marijuana to grow in the first place.

Outdoor genetics have also come a long way, mirroring the genetic characteristics of superior indoor strains, but with the hardiness of outdoor varieties. Outdoor genetics finish earlier and earlier these days. The buds are getting heavier, more tasty, and they sure do pack a greater wallop of medicine after the sun has worked its magic for several months. I have seen side by side comparisons of indoor and properly bred and grown outdoor, and you cannot tell the difference visually. But outdoor blows it away in the medicinal properties category.

I’m going to shock everyone here by declaring that it takes 20 years to become a Grand Master outdoor grower. It takes decades to make your mistakes, get the nuances and subtleties, and master your craft. Part of the reason it takes so long is that the cycle is twice as long as indoor growing. A growing season easily extends six to seven months when you factor in mother plants and cuttings — and that is with the quicker finishing varieties Given that mistakes can generally cost you a season (as opposed to an indoor growing cycle), you can see why this is a time honored craft.

It may not be as practical to grow outside these days for most people, but all things being equal, there is no question in my mind which method of growing is superior when it comes to producing quality meds. 

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