Upgrade To Aeroponic Marijuana Growing With Botanicare Aerojet Systems

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By Lee G. Leissett


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Indoor growers are switching to aeroponics to increase growth rate up to 25%.
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" Aeroponic systems can use 1/3 of the water of traditional hydroponic systems. "

Aeroponic systems have become a fast growing trend for the indoor gardening industry (no pun intended). Medical marijuana hydro-gardeners, especially those who enjoy sea of green (SOG) methods, have turned to aeroponics due to the system’s speed and efficiency. Aeroponic systems can use 1/3 of the water of traditional hydroponic systems while speeding up growth rates by as much as 25%. There is no wonder why aeroponic systems have revolutionized the hydroponics industry.

The difficulty with most homemade aeroponic systems is creating plant modules that won’t leak when the high-powered sprayers are on. It is also very troublesome to build a waterproof chamber which is easy to disassemble for cleaning. Purchasing a quality prebuilt aeroponic system may be a better option for many medical marijuana growers.

The Botanicare Aerojet systems are fine examples of solid, prebuilt aeroponic systems. The Aerojet systems come in 2, 4, 6 or 8 tray models which are all expandable. Each tray comes standard with six 4-inch net pots but has the option to have four 5-inch net pots instead. Contained in each tray are micro jets that deliver highly oxygenated nutrient solution directly to the roots via the high powered submersible pump (located in the reservoir). After the roots are sprayed, the nutrient solution is gravity-fed back to the reservoir to complete the closed recirculating system.

The lids on each tray are easy to remove, making cleaning the system and the periodical inspection of the roots simple and straightforward. Each system comes complete with everything you need to get your aeroponic garden up and running (besides the plants, of course).

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