Unlock Marijuana Growing Success With Amino Acids

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Unlock Marijuana Growing Success With Amino Acids

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More and more medical marijuana growers are discovering the benefits of amino acid supplements. Amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins and enzymes that influence plant vitality (more specifically, plant metabolism) and a plant’s structural integrity. The largest benefits of supplementing an amino acid formula are increased nutrient uptake and overall stress reduction. Amino acid supplements come in many forms and are often combined with other beneficial ingredients.

Bio-Heaven by BioBizz is an energy booster containing amino acids in their “L” form. The amino acids found in Bio-Heaven are produced via enzymatic hydrolysis from soybean cake and other organic protein sources. Besides the amino acids, Bio-Heaven also contains natural humus which helps increase the quality of the soil or medium.

Dark Energy by American Hydroponics is another L-amino acid formula extracted via hydrolysis and fermentation. Dark Energy contains a higher ratio of nitrogen (2-0-0) than most amino acid formulas. Dark Energy is designed to accelerate chelation of essential nutrients along with stimulating the production of plant hormones such as auxin (growth) and ethylene (ripening).

Bud Candy by Advanced Nutrients is actually a high quality carbohydrate supplement but it still contains an abundance of the essential “L” form amino acids which stimulate plant metabolism. Advanced Nutrients uses an enzymatic hydrolysis method when extracting their amino acids to ensure the highest quality and maximum potency.

Nirvana by Advanced Nutrients is an organic stimulator that has much more than just animo acids. This formula is chock full of organic stimulators including alfalfa and kelp extracts. The amino acids used in Nirvana are extracted by the same enzymatic hydrolysis process which ensures the highest quality and most effective formulation.

Amino Blast by Xnutrients is a L-amino acid specific formula designed to be used in conjunction with your existing fertilizer program. Amino Blast is highly concentrated and can be used in soil or hydroponic systems.

As scientists discover more about the microscopic world that has enormous influence over our medical marijuana gardens, fertilizer companies will use that knowledge to continue to produce innovative products that stimulate the proteins and enzymes responsible for the most basic of plant functions. Amino acid supplements allow medical marijuana growers to stimulate their plant’s metabolism which results in healthier plants. The healthy plants then produce denser, more aromatic buds.







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