Root Shooters by Advanced Nutrients

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Advanced Nutrient Root Shooters

Advanced Nutrient Root Shooters
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" Root Shooters make propagation much easier, allowing for healthier plants. "

Finding a quality medium for cloning and seedlings can be difficult for the medical marijuana grower. Cuttings and seedlings are essentially “baby” plants that need a little coddling to perform properly. Most mediums are too rich in nutrients and lack the proper air to water ratio needed for successful root development. What cuttings and seedlings really need is a well aerated medium with a balanced pH and little nutrient value.

Another major problem with most mediums for seedlings and cuttings is their lack of compatibility at transplant time. Some mediums contain restrictive netting which needs to be cut off, damaging sensitive roots and causing stress on the young plants. Other mediums tend to hold too much moisture, making them continuously water logged after being transplanted into a hydroponic or soil system. This can cause rot or mold problems later in the plant’s life.

Advanced Nutrients addresses these common problems with their new rooting medium Root Shooters. The composition of peat and a proprietary binder gives Root Shooters a unique ability to hold moisture and oxygen. The lack of oxygen in other mediums leads to damping off or, worse, a development of anaerobic root pathogens like pythium. Root Shooters air-to-water ratio ensures your “baby” plants receive just enough moisture to entice root formation.

Unlike bark-based rooting mediums, notorious for unstable pH levels, Root Shooters use of peat allows for a balanced pH which is essential for fast, healthy root development. Root Shooters’ special blend also makes transplanting easy because the roots grow right through the medium into any soil or hydroponic system.

Although I prefer using a cloning gel/solution, I have had success with Root Shooters by just adding water. For even the most experienced medical marijuana grower, starting clones and seeds tends to be a vulnerable stage. Root Shooters by Advanced Nutrients makes propagation much easier, allowing for higher success rates and healthier plants.


Learn more about Root Shooters here.

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