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A bloom builder can help your crop produce heavier flowers in the final days.
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" Purple Maxx gets it's name from adding a sweet purple pigment to some strains. "

It is no secret that medical marijuana growers seek tightly stacked buds and aromatic flowers in their blooming room. After a quality base nutrient for their blooming stage has been established, medical marijuana growers desire effective additives to enhance their harvest. There are countless bloom builder products on the market designed to stimulate flower size and development. Unfortunately, many of these products fall short of their desired goals and leave the grower unsatisfied with the results.

Purple Maxx by Humboldt County’s Own is a bloom enhancer that delivers astounding flower-building results and, in the case of some genetics, packs a purpling pigment punch sure to impress all of your friends. Purple Maxx (originally distributed under the name “Stacker”) is an organic supplement that triggers flowering hormones in medical marijuana plants. This stimulation of hormones creates multiple tightly packed flower sites early in the blooming stage and an explosion of essential oil production in the later stages of blooming. Additionally, about 1/3 of the genetics tested showed an increase in purple pigmentation in later stages of flower production, hence the name Purple Maxx.

For soil, this product works best mixed with plain water and fed intermittently between fertilizer feedings. In hydroponics, I have found this product is best added to reservoirs a day or two before emptying the reservoir. This product does not work well with vigorous aeration, so you shouldn’t leave it in a reservoir for too long. Purple Maxx can also be used as an effective foliar feed in earlier stages of flowering. Because this product is still experimental, I recommend starting at a very low dose (1/4-1/2 tsp per gallon). If no nutrient burn or ill effect is observed, slowly increase rates to full strength or desirable results are achieved. 

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