New Quality Medical Marijuana Soil On The Market

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Amazon Bloom is Earth Juice's first entrance into soil.

Amazon Bloom is Earth Juice's first entrance into soil.
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" Quality soil will 'bounce back' when squeezed. "

Medical marijuana growers who use soil understand the importance of having a variety of ingredients. The more organic amendments contained within a potting soil the better because this gives multiple sources of any given element. Rich ingredients aren’t the only important factor in a quality potting soil. Medical marijuana prefers a rich but loose soil so potting soils must have a good air to water ratio. Soil companies create this by adding perlite, pumice or coco fiber. A good soil should “bounce back” after being squeezed in your hand. A soil that does not “bounce back” will become compacted in the containers and starve the root mass of the oxygen required for luscious growth.

Earth Juice has had a long reputation of producing quality fertilizers and have now made their mark as a producer of top-notch soil mixes. Amazon Bloom is Earth Juice’s premier soil mix designed specifically for fast growing indoor and outdoor plants. The diverse ingredients include peat moss, forest compost, coconut coir, feather meal, bat guano, marine-bird fossilized guano, steamed bone meal, sulfate of potash magnesia from langbeinite, neem meal, earthworm castings, sea kelp, humate ore, yucca meal, and oyster shell lime. The coconut coir creates a great air to water ratio. When you squeeze this soil in your hand there is the nice spongy consistency that I have found synonymous with quality soil mixes.

The most unique ingredient added to this mix is the neem meal. The addition of neem meal gives a natural insecticidal property to the soil and the plants. As the neem meal breaks down a small percentage of azadirachtin (the active insecticidal ingredient in neem) is absorbed by the plant and works as a systemic insect defense. If an insect feeds on a plant containing azadirachtin their life cycle will be interrupted by an anti-molting property. This break in their life cycle will ultimately cause the pest insect’s demise.

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