Iguana Juice by Advanced Nutrients

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Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice

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Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice

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" Iguana Juice is the most complete one-part organic fertilizer on the market today. "

Growing organic medical marijuana in hydroponic systems can be problematic. This is because most organic nutrients available today are full of sediment and smell like waste management plants. The combination of the sludge and the odor created by these nutrients makes indoor organic hydroponic cultivation virtually impossible.

The sludge, produced by excess sediment, clogs pumps and feed lines, creating a nightmare for the grower. The odor is enough to send Pepe Le Pew running for the hills. It is possible to brew your own high quality organic teas, but removing the sediment and odor takes some serious processing which deters even the most motivated organic gardeners.

Advanced Nutrients corrects the many obstacles facing the organic hydroponic grower with their one-part Iguana Juice. Don’t let the name fool you, there are no iguana by-products in this formula. Instead, Iguana Juice is made up of a proprietary blend of quality organic nutrients including fish extract, guano, earthworm castings, yucca, krill, alfalfa and volcanic ash.

The good folks at Advanced Nutrients realized the need for a sediment-free, organic fertilizer to use in hydroponic systems. With the use of a heated pressurized system, Iguana Juice undergoes a quadruple filtration process. This ensures that Iguana Juice can be used in virtually all hydroponic systems without the worry of clogging pumps, emitters or feed lines.

Like all of their products, Advanced Nutrients created Iguana Juice with the medical marijuana grower in mind; specifically testing this product on the plants we grow. Iguana Juice Grow is a one-part complete fertilizer for the vegetative stage and Iguana Juice Bloom is a one-part complete fertilizer for the blooming stage. This formula is easy to use and comes with a risk-free, money back guarantee. I have used Iguana Juice indoors and outdoors, in soil and in hydroponics with impressive results. I believe Iguana Juice is the most complete one-part organic fertilizer on the market today.

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