Give Your Hydroponic Medical Marijuana That Great Organic Taste With Advanced Nutrient's Mother Earth Teas

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Give Your Hydroponic Medical Marijuana That Great Organic Taste With Advanced Nutrient's Mother Earth Teas

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" Mother Earth Teas will add that unique flavor associated with organically grown crops. "

Medical marijuana gardeners who use synthetic fertilizer programs can sometimes grow a product that tastes a little flat. Many master growers have realized the benefits of supplementing at least some organic compounds into their hydroponic systems. The addition of Mother Earth Teas by Advanced Nutrients will add that unique flavor associated with organically grown crops. The addition of organic supplements to a synthetic fertilizer program will also add a diversity which helps unlock the full potential of your plants.

Many fertilizer companies claim their organic supplements are fully soluble, but when used in hydroponic systems they cause massive sludge build up which clogs feed-lines or disrupts the submersible pump. Other companies try to claim their product is an organic supplement when they really contain multiple synthetic ingredients including preservatives and dyes which could be harmful to your plants. Mother Earth Teas by Advanced Nutrients are 100% organic and made with over 80 plant boosting organic substances including alfalfa, earthworm castings and kelp. The ingredients and ratios used in Mother Earth Teas are designed specifically for medical marijuana plants. The formula is essentially odorless so there is no worry of the sewage treatment plant smell associated with other organic supplements.

Mother Earth Teas come in two formulations: one for growth and one for blooming. Mother Earth Tea is compatible with virtually any synthetic fertilizer regiment and can also be used as an additive to organic fertilizer lines for more variance. As with all of Advanced Nutrients’ products, Mother Earth Teas carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results simply return for a full refund.

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