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Flushing Marijuana Crop

I high-quality flushing formula will remove dangerous heavy metals.
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Throughout the growing process plants will absorb and store compounds within their tissue. Some of these compounds are good and others are bad. When it comes to producing quality medical marijuana, it is important to remove the bad compounds before consumption. There are many flushing formulas on the market and they are all about the same, right? Wrong.

Most flushing formulas contain a few sugars and nothing more. They are designed to keep the microbes in the root zone active while you essentially starve your plants, hoping they will use up excess nutrients and toxins they have accumulated. Other formulas have very limited ingredients to pull one or two specific excess nutrients out of the plant but leave heavy metals and other pollutants behind. The proper way to flush a plant is with chelation therapy. Chelation therapy is also used to remove heavy metals from the human body.

Final Phase by Advanced Nutrients contains a variety of ingredients; most of which are chelates. The wide variety of chelates found in Final Phase are capable of removing specific nutrients, heavy metals and toxins known to accumulate in plant tissue.

As with all of their products, Advanced Nutrients tests the effectiveness on medical marijuana, not random annuals. This is extremely important because every plant is unique and not all plants respond to pre-harvest flushing in the same way. The chelates found in Final Flush have been tested specifically on medical marijuana to ensure the removal of nutrient salts, heavy metals and other pollutants. I like my medicine to be as pure and safe as possible so Final Phase is a good choice in my book.


Get more information on Final Phase at the Advanced Nutrients website.

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