Essential Magnesium For Your Blooming Medical Marijuana Plants: Plump Juice by GRO High Cal

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Essential Magnesium For Your Blooming Medical Marijuana Plants: Plump Juice by GRO High Cal

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" Magnesium can make or break a garden "

Medical marijuana plants need a variety of essential elements for growth but few are as important to the blooming period as magnesium. Magnesium is one of those essential elements that can make or break a garden and is usually never even thought about twice by the average medical marijuana grower. This is because most fertilizers contain adequate magnesium for the vegetative stage which enables it to reinforce cell walls and play its important role in chlorophyll production. However, many times heavy feeding medical marijuana plants or plants in CO2 enhanced environments need additional magnesium to help promote absorption of phosphorus and sulfur. Magnesium also plays a direct role in the ripening of medical marijuana buds.

Plump Juice by GRO High Cal is a proprietary formulation of magnesium and lignosulfonic acid designed to be applied via foliar application. This specialty magnesium supplement aids in the regulation of nutrient uptake which reduces potential stresses for a medical marijuana plant during the flowering development period. What this product really does is ensure high enough concentrations of magnesium within the plant itself for the blooming period. Magnesium is one of those elements that is absorbed slowly and it can take a long time for a plant to take it in through its roots. By directly applying Plump Juice to the foliage the medical marijuana plant absorbs magnesium into its tissue which then overrides the need to uptake magnesium from the soil. Medical marijuana plants with sufficient magnesium produce larger, more prolific buds.

Mix 1 tsp per gallon of water. Spray flowering plants during weeks 1-6 of the blooming period. This product should be avoided within two weeks of harvesting. Plump Juice is pH balanced for optimal performance.

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