Eradicate Powdery Mildew Attacking Your Outdoor Medical Marijuana Crops

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By Lee G. Leissett


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Organically treat powdery mildew in your outdoor garden.

Organically treat powdery mildew in your outdoor garden.
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" Kill powdery mildew on your outdoor marijuana. "

The outdoor season is approaching fast and before you know it harvest time will be here. Experienced medical marijuana growers prepare for the unpredictability of nature by having an arsenal of insecticides and fungicides. Having these products ready just in case something potentially catastrophic happens is an outdoor grower’s best defense against a fast-acting pathogen. Every outdoor season is different and unpredictable and the growers that are prepared for anything are usually the ones that produce the best results.

Few pathogens are as destructive to a late flowering medical marijuana plant as powdery mildew. This nasty fungus can spread in a matter of days so immediate treatment is of the utmost importance. There are many potent fungicides on the market but most leave powerful chemical residuals which should never be consumed. Any medical marijuana grower concerned with producing quality medicine should avoid these products like the plague. There are, however, effective non-toxic options that a grower can use to battle intrusive powdery mildew.

Mildew Cure by SaferGro, formerly known as GC-3, is a 100% organic powdery mildew treatment that actually works. Derived from a combination of cotton seed oil, corn oil, and garlic oil, Mildew Cure kills the powdery mildew fungus naturally. Mildew Cure also contains sodium bicarbonate which helps adjust the pH of the leaf’s surface, making it impossible for powdery mildew to continue its growth. Mildew Cure is one of the few products that can be sprayed in later stages of a medical marijuana’s blooming cycle. Use a ratio of 1-2 oz per gallon of water and spray in the early morning when the plants are still covered with dew. Mildew Cure is a product that can safely eradicate powdery mildew and leave the quality of the medicine undisturbed. Make sure to add Mildew Cure to your arsenal of effective insecticides and fungicides for this outdoor season.

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