The Best Way To Extract THC From Your Medical Marijuana For Hash, Oils and More.

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By Lee G. Leissett


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Collect the most THC without messy cold water extractions.

Collect the most THC without messy cold water extractions.
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" This kief is so pure it bubbles just like bubble hash. "

There are a variety of methods to extract precious trichomes from leftover trimmings or medical marijuana buds. Many involve a series of bags or screens and, although effective at extracting, these methods generally are messy and complicated. I have made extract with bubble bags, in both the five and twenty-five gallon bags, but gave it up completely after I used Mila’s Famous Pollinator P150.

Mila’s Famous Pollinator P150 is essentially an automatic kief box that tumbles dried plant material in a container. The tumbling drum is built from a 145 mc screen which is just large enough to allow the broken off trichomes to fall through. As the Pollinator tumbles, more and more trichomes break off and create a pile of kief in the bottom of the machine. After a period of time (I prefer ten to twenty minutes because it creates a purer kief), the user collects the kief. The collected kief can be smoked, vaporized, pressed into hash, added to baked goods, or put into capsules.

The main reason I switched over from bubble bags (cold water extraction) to using a Pollinator (dry extraction) was to reduce the wasted plant material. I found that even the most meticulous extraction still missed some of the trichomes and, therefore, the sought after cannabinoids.

To obtain every last trichome possible, I process my trimmings in a series of steps. First, I tumble my dried trimmings in my Pollinator. I like to run the Pollinator for ten minutes the first time and then collect the kief. This kief is so pure that when it is pressed into hash and burned it bubbles just like bubble hash. Then I run the Pollinator for another ten minutes and collect the kief. This round of kief generally contains more plant material but can still be pressed into a quality hash.

I then combine the remaining trim material with other leftover trimmings from previous Pollinator runs for use in cannabis oil or butter extractions for baked goods. Using a Pollinator is my favorite extraction method because I can get high quality hash and still use the rest of the plant material for medibles. I found this method to be the most efficient and to create the most usable medicine from the plant material.

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