Add CO2 TO Your Medical Marijuana Garden Without Using Burners Or Tanks

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By Lee G. Leissett


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Medical marijuana co2

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" In plain terms, it uses mushrooms to create CO2 "

Indoor medical marijuana horticulturalists have been using CO2 to boost photosynthesis and enhance their garden’s performance for years. Most growers use one of the two most common methods of CO2 enrichment: compressed tanks of CO2 or CO2 generators (burners). These are still the preferred methods for large or commercial gardens, but what about the home grower or hobbyist? A new method of CO2 enrichment is quickly becoming a popular alternative to hauling heavy CO2 tanks or the notorious unwanted heat  of CO2 generators.

This new method utilizes a non-fruiting mycelial mass which grows in an organic medium. In plain terms, it uses mushrooms that never completely form or create spores. As the mycelium (basically a mushroom’s equivalent to a plant’s root mass) grows, it expels CO2 gas as a byproduct.

ExHale Homegrown CO2 Bags can produce CO2 for small to medium size grow rooms for up to six months. Generally speaking, it is a good idea to have one ExHale bag per four large plants. Simply hang the ExHale bag just above the top of the plant canopy. As the mycelium grows, the CO2 being emitted, which is heavier than air, will fall onto the plants.

The best aspect of this product is the ability to create CO2 without electricity or any additional heat. There is no manure used in the compost’s composition, so this product is odor free. After six months the grower can compost all of the contents in the bag and recycle the bag itself.

Adding CO2 to a medical marijuana garden doesn’t get any easier than with the ExHale. The ExHale is a great addition to any home or hobby indoor garden and a great way to experiment with the benefits of higher amounts of CO2.

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