When To Flush Your Marijuana Crop

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Flushing Marijuana Crop

Flushing your marijuana plants makes them cleaner, sweeter, healthier.
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" Keep your marijuana crop toxin-free with a few good flushes. "

We've talked a lot about flushing marijuana plants at the end of bloom phase and at other times earlier in their lives.

Flushing is somewhat controversial: some growers say you don't need to flush marijuana, or even that flushing hurts marijuana. 

Of course, this could be because flushing is easy or difficult depending on how you're growing.

Hydroponics systems with no solid root zone materials, such as deep water culture and aeroponics, are easy to flush because you're just running water.

If you're growing in soil, or in rockwool, coco, or other soilless mediums, flushing is somewhat more difficult but also more necessary because solid media accumulates nutrients salts along with any pollutants in your water.

A smart flushing program includes flushing at the end of grow phase and before the start of bloom phase. This pushes high-nitrogen grow phase base nutrients out of your roots and root zone so you have a clean slate to start the bloom base nutrients which have a different N-P-K ratio.

If you see curling leaves, leaf tip burn, leaf rust or other leaf problems that indicate nutrients troubles, that's a time to do a flush too.

You also want to do a flush before harvesting. When you the article hyperlinked earlier about flushing, you get an exclusive method for doing that in a way that absolutely does not harm your total harvest weight or THC percentages.

There are some mistakes people make during marijuana flushing. One mistake is to use tap water. In fact, you should never use tap water in your marijuana garden.

Another mistake is to use epsom salts. I find it strange when people recommend using epsom salts to clear fertilzer salts, given that epsom salts ARE fertilizer salts (magnesium sulfate).

Yet another problem happens if you use too much water and oversaturate the root zone. Marijuana plants don't like their roots drowned. It starves them of oxygen and sets them up for rot.

For your marijuana flush just before harvest, use Final Phase...the only flushing product on the market for which the manufacturer admits is specifically for cannabis.

For flushes that are not related to harvest, such as transition flushes or nutrients problem flushes, use distilled water.

Your marijuana plants store a percentage of whatever they take in through their roots. When you do proper flushing before harvest, you purge that stored material so your buds are tastier and stay lit better.

Marijuana flushing takes a little time, and the flushing product costs a few dollars. But you'll enjoy your crops more when you flush them, especially if you're using synthetic hydroponics nutrients.

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