THCU -- Colorado Opens First Marijuana-Related University

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School for THC has to start with the Basics

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" So, it looks like there will be no legal way to actually buy marijuana in Colorado for at least a year. In the meantime, you can grow, grow, grow! "

Ok, I'm majoring in Skywalker OG, what about everyone else?

After the passage of Colorado Amendment 64, which legalized certain amounts of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use, it was only a matter of time before marijuana schools started popping up, a la the ill-fated Oaksterdam University in Northern CA.

THC University's very first class sold out, and people are signing up in record numbers to attend their other workshops, which include properly tending plants, trimming, proper grow room or greenhouse setup, as well as how to deal with the complicated legal system. 

THCU founders saw an opportunity to jump right in to the legal marijuana industry, because they know how difficult it can be to be a quality grower, and how many growers haven't a clue. 

"I think a lot of people just think you plant a seed, and let it go," said founder Matt Jones, explaining the intricacies of growing marijuana. "You don't know all the time, where it came from, what exactly you're getting and where it came from. So this is a great way for you to be able to choose, I want my plants to be soil, I want it to be hydro, I want it to be organic."

Majoring At THCU

They hope to offer three levels of certification for growers:

Associates' Degree: "Budtender" -- follows a 5-class program for $200

Bachelor's Degree: "Indoor Grower"  -- a more in-depth 10 class program for $400 and

Master's Degree: "Master Indoor Grower" -- certification for an intense 14-class program and a $650 fee. 

For the moment, they are unable to practice on actual marijuana plants in the facility where they study, so they use tomatoes, which have a darn similar anatomy. (Word to the wise: at hydro stores, tell them you are growing "tomatoes," rather than stumbling over what you can and cannot ask. They will know what you mean.)

I've Graduated! What Next?

Get to growing! At this point, the politicians in Colorado have a lot of work to do before they can implement the resolution: they need to get their assistants to call the bureaucrats, who will call each other's secretaries, play some golf, and someday there may be a cohesive regulatory policy in the state. Washington, which passed a similar law on the same day, is trying to get organized as well. (*Psst: we don't think they thought the Amendments would pass.)

So, it looks like there will be no legal way to actually buy marijuana in Colorado for at least a year. In the meantime, you can grow, grow, grow! Your state laws allow for six plants per person in a household, half of which can be flowering. Once you know what you are doing, put your skills to use.

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