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Even 4% CBD is considered very good.

Even 4% CBD is considered very good.
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" The importance of this molecule is usually overshadowed by its more popular cousin, the THC molecule. "

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is the lesser known medicinally active cannabinoid found in a medical marijuana plant. The importance of this molecule is usually overshadowed by its more popular cousin, the THC molecule. Many medical marijuana growers have discovered the benefits of this cannabinoid and have collected strains specifically with CBD production in mind. Many patients prefer high concentrations of CBD over THC because it allows them to gain the medical benefits of cannabis without feeling “over-medicated” or  “high.” Many professionals prefer CBD to THC because they can medicate and still function at work. Although the CBD content of any given medical marijuana plant is genetically determined, there are techniques and products a grower can use to enhance the cannabinoid production of their plants, including CBD.

Increase CBD Production With Lighting

One of the reasons medical marijuana creates trichomes is for protection from otherwise harmful UV-B rays. It has been proven that medical marijuana plants exposed to higher amounts of UV-B light produce more trichomes and therefore more THC and CBD. Metal halides naturally have higher amounts of UV-B light than high pressure sodiums and can be supplemented into a blooming room to help boost essential oil production. Supplemental LED lighting or UV-B specific bulbs, usually sold as reptile or aquarium lights, can be used in a growing environment to boost UV-B light as well.

Get More With Hydroponic Nutrient Additives

Nutrient additives that specifically target essential oil production, like Advanced Nutrients’ Bud Factor X, will also bring out the maximum CBD of a particular genetic. Bud Factor X contains bio-active ingredients that stimulate production of terpenoids, resins and essential oils. In other words, Bud Factor X stimulates cannabinoid production in medical marijuana plants. Other nutrient additives that indirectly influence CBD production are carbohydrate formulas. Bud Candy and CarboLoad by Advanced Nutrients both trigger essential oil production by stimulating beneficial organisms around a plant’s rhizosphere.

Genetic Selection

As stated before, nothing dictates the CBD content of a medical marijuana plant more than its genetic heritage. There are many strains available with high CBD content. CBD is generally found in a lower concentration in the plant than THC, so a strain with even 1-3% CBD is considered good. Strains that contain 4-6% CBD are very good and strains that contain more than 6% are outstanding.

Today’s reputable seed companies understand the importance of testing their strains for cannabinoid content. Seed suppliers that do not offer this information should be avoided. Ultimately it is the patient and their medical condition that will determine the desired cannabinoid profile.

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