Marijuana & Spain: The Urban Grower, Advanced Nutrients, Spannabis Cannabis Fiesta

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Barcelona is an artistic place that looks even trippier when you just smoked some Spanish-grown Sativa marijuana.
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" Spain hosts its annual Spannabis marijuana fiesta! "

Spain has become one of Europe’s marijuana hotspots, and February’s annual Spannabis marijuana event in Barcelona is the perfect time for cannabis growers, tokers, breeders, and the marijuana industry to talk, party, and celebrate. 

This year is the tenth anniversary of Spannabis, and visitors will see seminars by international marijuana heroes such as filmmaker-grower Brown Dirt Warrior, High Times writer Erik Biksa, and Remo (the Urban Grower).

During Spannabis, growers, breeders and tokers get together to judge the Spannabis Champions Cup. Industry insiders say this Cup could one day be as important as the High Times Cannabis Cup for determining the highest quality dank in Europe.

Spannabis visitors get to hang out with some of Europe’s most famous marijuana breeders, including:

  • Green House Seed Company: Who else but Green House founder Arjan has won 34 High Times Cannabis Cups, 17 HighLife Cups, built an Amsterdam coffeeshop and marijuana seed empire, traveled the world making the famous Strain Hunters adventure videos, and introduced dozens of marijuana strains including Lemon Skunk and Neville’s Haze?
  • Paradise Seeds: Another Dutch seed breeder who has won numerous awards from High Times and at other cannabis events.
  • Barney’s Farm: Offering strains like LSD, Acapulco Gold, Tangerine Dream and an autoflowering Pineapple Express, Barney has won Cannabis Cups and smoked more than a few people to the ground at his Amsterdam coffeeshop.
  • HortiLab Seeds: This lesser-known breeder has won Cannabis Cups, and offers dynamite strains you may not have heard of.

This year’s premier Spannabis sponsor is hydroponics pioneer Advanced Nutrients, which means this Spanish smoke-out will be even more exciting than usual because Advanced Nutrients is known for hosting a massive display of fun, giveaways, grow seminars, and grower games at marijuana events.

And let’s not forget those beautiful Advanced girls who grace the Advanced Nutrients sector at hydroponics or marijuana exposition events. They'll be there handing out Brown Dirt Warrior's incredible Prohibition feature film, energy drinks, and other goodies!

This is perhaps the first time that Advanced Nutrients, a company founded in North America, is the grand sponsor of an event also sponsored by other hydroponics companies and marijuana seed breeders.

Hydroponics nutrients companies Canna, General Hydroponics Europe, Hesi, and Atami are Spannabis co-sponsors. In North America, you never see General Hydroponics or Canna at a marijuana event, but apparently they view Europe as a safe place to come out of the cannabis closet.

One of the most popular Spannabis attendees is a Canadian marijuana grower who always wears sunglasses. His name is Remo, but hundreds of thousands of Internet viewers know him as “the Urban Grower.”

Remo uses his video camera at Spannabis to show us the sizzling senoritas, phat Spanish buds, DJs, and cannabusiness people who make Spannabis the winter marijuana party to dream of.

That’s what tens of thousands of other cannabis people think too. Long lines of cannabis aficionados gather to enter Spannabis, eager to learn more about growing marijuana.

In fact, marijuana growing is one of few growth industries in Spain.

Like Greece, Spain has suffered economic crisis due to greedy bankers, corrupt politicians, and the European Union.

Youth unemployment has been as high as 30%. It’s no wonder many Spaniards turn to growing marijuana—to save money instead of having to pay retail marijuana prices, or to provide marijuana for the retail market. A Spanish village proposed to grow hundreds of marijuana plants…to pay off its official debts!

Spain’s marijuana laws are in many ways more liberal than even the recent legalization laws in Washington and Colorado, and Spain has a surprisingly long history of marijuana cultivation and activism that I was surprised to read about.

Simply put, you have a legal, constitutional right to privately grow and use marijuana in Spain.

If you get caught using marijuana in public, all you suffer is a small fine.

Spain is also home to “cannabis clubs” that provide a safe, legal way to transfer and procure marijuana.

Spanish growers have long utilized Spain’s favorable Mediterranean climate to grow potent outdoor buds, but in the past few years, indoor hydroponics cannabis growing has come to the fore.

Today, more and more Spaniards are growing indoors during cooler months using products like Jungle Juice and Big Bud, and growing outdoors using products like Heavy Harvest during the warm season.

If you go to beautiful Barcelona for Spannabis (February 15-17, 2013), or at any other time of year, be sure to visit the impressive Hemp Museum Gallery, which opened in 2012.

This fantastic place is a branch of Amsterdam’s Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum, and is located in the stoner-trippy gothic quarter of Barcelona, within walking distance of the beach and famed Ramblas Boulevard.

The museum was created by marijuana seed legend Ben Dronkers, founder of Sensi Seeds, who purchased the16th-century Palace Mornau in 2001 and spent a stack of Euros renovating the building and transferring his 6500-piece cannabis historical collection to Barcelona.

The Barcelona cannabis museum grand opening coincided with the 2012 Cannabis Culture Awards, with ceremonies in Amsterdam and Barcelona.

In Amsterdam, awards were presented by former Dutch prime minister Dries van Agt, who received the award in 2009. Winners included Norwegian elder statesman Thorvald Stoltenberg, father of the current prime minister and member of the Global Commission on Drug Policy, and Dutch psychiatrist and drug policy activist Fredrick Polak.

Harvard University marijuana activist Dr. Lester Grinspoon received an award, appearing via Skype in an interview with Ben Dronkers.

The Barcelona museum grand opening ceremony happened in May, 2012. The eminent Virgin Group founder and very rich guy Richard Branson accepted an award on behalf of the Global Commission on Drug Policy.

Branson urged the Global Commission to issue a strong statement denouncing anti-marijuana policies proposed by conservatives in the Dutch government. He also said legal cannabis could solve Spain’s economic crisis. No surprise that Spannabis is an event where people network to make marijuana more profitable and potent.

You easily see Spannabis is a bright star on the marijuana event horizon. You get the big Advanced Nutrients party, Urban Grower Remo, lots to smoke…all in a beautiful, warm Mediterranean city.

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