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The Urban Grower smokes a lot of this, after it’s dried and cured, of course.
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" From Spannabis to Canadian cannabis, the Urban Grower brings marijuana into video prominence. "

At the wild Spannabis public marijuana expo and party in Barcelona, Spain last year, a Spanish hottie pointed to a Canadian videographer guy wearing dark glasses and said, “That man smokes more cannabis in an hour than I smoke in a month.”

Turns out she was referring to the Urban Grower, aka Remo, whose marijuana video series is the top-viewed online marijuana video collection.

And yes it’s true, Remo can smoke any amount of whole marijuana or marijuana extract, and never show signs of being stoned.

The Urban Grower has a brain made of steel, apparently. Check out his smoking prowess in the following video, when he shares kind herb with the founder of the world’s most grower-friendly hydroponics company…

At the 2013 Spannabis, Remo will be holding seminars, making videos, and sharing kind marijuana non-stop.

How did Remo become a famous marijuana grower/videographer and marijuana growing educator whose face is synonymous with smoking more marijuana than you’d have thought possible?

Many moons ago, before he became the Urban Grower, Remo was a talented Canadian rock musician who enjoyed using and growing marijuana medicinally.

He had an official government license to grow medical marijuana…a licensing program the Canadian government says it will end in April 2014.

Remo noticed that old school hydroponics fertilizers he was using weren’t good for his marijuana plants. He heard about a more-modern hydroponics nutrients company located near him in British Columbia, Canada, and went to the company’s headquarters to ask about their nutrients.

The company’s owners were in the office that day. They were impressed with Remo’s energy and his marijuana growing license, so they handed him a new life…

He was given the full line of Advanced Nutrients hydroponics products. At the time, and continuing to this day, the company’s product line embodies the most comprehensive, highest-yielding systemic approach to feeding marijuana plants.

Remo soon built a high-tech sealed marijuana grow room under the direction of a man who introduced the sealed grow room concept to Canada. That man is Michael Straumietis of Advanced Nutrients.

Remo was of course stoked about his good fortune in being “discovered” by Advanced Nutrients.

He had only two complaints: Advanced Nutrients hydroponics fertilizer products made his buds so big and heavy he had to create special support cages to keep his marijuana branches from breaking. And, his harvest weight increased so much that it took him a lot more time and effort to cut, dry and cure them.

All of us could live with those kinds of “problems,” especially when we’ve seen our bud weight and THC percentages increase so much.

Advanced Nutrients managers and Remo later talked about their mutual concern that many people with Canadian medical marijuana licenses were too sick to grow marijuana, or they could not afford marijuana growing supplies.

Advanced Nutrients asked Remo to manage the first and only medical marijuana assistance program sponsored by a hydroponics company. The program kept patients from having to choose between buying food versus buying hydroponics supplies. Lives were saved.

These days, Remo multi-tasks his way around the world…building a medical marijuana garden for a patient in Canada, or hanging out with grow guru Jorge Cervantes at Spannabis.

When you watch Remo’s marijuana cultivation videos, you see the creativity and productivity of professional marijuana growers.

Whether Remo is showing you how to build a grow room, or fix grow room problems, you see the latest information marijuana growers need to know.

One of the first things Remo does when he visits a garden is a safety check, looking for defective equipment or dangerous conditions that create risk of electrocution or fire.

Nothing gets by Remo: he examines garden humidity, temperature, light intensity, light on-off cycles, C02 levels, and other factors to ensure the patient’s hydroponics medical marijuana has the ideal conditions.

As part of his hydroponics medical marijuana grow room makeovers, Remo has in some cases tripled growers’ yields and increased THC percentages by using Advanced Nutrients base nutrients, bloom boosters, root zone microbes, immune system boosters, carbohydrates, vitamins, fermented organics, and predator-defeat formulas in medical marijuana grow rooms.

Of course, the Urban Grower job has benefits beyond the constant supply of premium marijuana that Remo grows and smokes.

He gets to attend the High Times Cannabis Cup, Spain’s Spannabis party in Barcelona, and other pot events around the world. He samples the local marijuana, and the local food…

“My biggest satisfaction is knowing that patients who need to grow stronger marijuana and more of it can now do so because I was able to help them,” Remo says. “I love seeing somebody get more weight and THC from one harvest than in their previous two harvests.”

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Article by Steve Davis, on Jan. 30th 2013

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