Marijuana Growing, Peyton Manning’s Mistake, and A Super Bowl…of Buds

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She wonders if the football is stuffed with marijuana?
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" We want a Super Bowl of buds, so we have to avoid marijuana growing mistakes… "

When I saw Peyton Manning throw that game-losing interception in the 2013 NFL playoff game against the Baltimore Ravens, it reminded me of the unforced errors I’ve committed in my marijuana grow room—errors that hurt my marijuana plants and bank account.

Manning was in overtime when he threw across his body, right into the hands of Ravens cornerback Corey Graham. His unforced error cost Denver the game, and a shot at the Super Bowl. Now it's the 49ers and the Ravens who will battle for the Super Bowl ring.

"Yeah, bad throw," Manning admitted afterwards. "Probably the decision wasn't great either. I thought I had an opening, and I didn't get enough on it, and I was trying to make a play. It certainly was a throw I'd like to have back."

I’ve had those same regrets in my marijuana grow room.

My marijuana gardening mistakes are as important to me as what happened with Peyton Manning, a quarterback I greatly admire because he came back from neck surgery and had a fantastic season—until he threw that interception.

Of course, he threw under pressure, and one common characteristic of unforced marijuana growing errors is a feeling of time pressure. It's not a 250-pound freight train pass rusher coming at's the demands of your regular life combined with the demands your marijuana plants make on you.

Serious marijuana gardening can be a full-time job, especially if you’re running a grow room with a thousand watts or more of HID hydroponics lighting.

If you have a day job, a family, other hobbies and interests, and you’re also running a grow op, you might struggle to find time for your cannabis plants.

When I feel time pressured, I sometimes get sloppy and cut corners. Instead of meticulously measuring out every dose of my hydroponics nutrients, if I’m in a hurry, I might just wing it by pouring what looks to be the right amounts into the cap of the containers and throwing it in my fresh reservoir.

When I take the time to measure my hydroponics nutrients properly, I run a reduced-strength feed program because I’ve found it works for the strains I grow in the hydroponics system I grow them in.

But here’s how NFL football games and heavy harvests are lost…

I went into my grow room tired one night and found my Sour Diesel and Kali Mist marijuana plants drooping. Bingo, my pump had failed.

I replaced the pump, hastily drained the res, filled it with reverse osmosis water, and threw in my hydroponics nutrients without carefully measuring them. I just wanted to get some juice back into my plants.

At least I remembered to check the ppm. It was 990—way too high for my hydroponics garden—and I should have gone to the trouble of removing some of the mixture and adding zero ppm water to bring the ppm down.

But I didn’t want to do the extra work. So I “reasoned” that since I had done a mini-flush on the plants before the previous reservoir, their root zones would not be oversaturated with fertilizer salts and the 990 ppm high-intensity feeding would be no big problem.

I went ahead and turned the new pump on. The 990 ppm solution flowed through my system. I went to sleep believing I’d done what I needed to do.

The next day when the HID lights came on, I immediately saw I’d screwed up.

You imagine it was a little bit like how Peyton Manning felt just after he released the interception ball that day, knowing too late it’s the wrong throw, your heart sinks as the ball sails into the hands of an opponent, realizing this is probably the end of your season, the death of your Super Bowl dreams that year.

My plants were in distress. A sure sign of marijuana over-fertilization is when leaf tips are curling up and turning brown or yellow, especially when your leaves had been looking perfect before.

Over-fertilization is bad but not usually fatal. But when you’re in mid-bloom and your marijuana plants need to focus on building buds and THC, it’s not good to fry their roots, internal cellular structures, and buds with excess fertilizer salts.

Some of my snow-white bud hairs had turned crispy and brown overnight.

I felt really bad, knowing I’d poisoned my cannabis plants. And because I now had twice as much work as if I’d just carefully measured my hydroponics nutrients the first time!

I had to drain away the fresh nutrients, fill the res with reverse osmosis water, add in a reduced dose of Final Phase, flush the plants for three hours, drain the flush water, fill the reservoir again, carefully measure the correct nutrients dose (slightly reduced because of the overfertilization and with a little extra B-52 (because B-vitamins help stressed plants), and hope for the best.

It took me many hours, and cost me in wasted hydroponics nutrients, wasted house water, wasted reverse osmosis water, wasted electricity, and injured plants.

I lost about 10% of my leaves due to the overfertilization, and my Sour Diesel and Kali Mist plants stalled for a few days.

This means I lost three days of bud size increase and resin production, and extended my bloom phase. This cost me money and time.

Also, I’m pretty sure I damaged my root systems due to the excess salts and the overwatering caused by the flush and re-feed.

Now look, obviously I’m not a stud like Peyton Manning…and throwing a horrendous, unforced, overtime, season-ending interception in front of millions of people is more depressing than me harming my marijuana plants.

After all, Peyton’s unforced error completely ruined his 2013 Super Bowl dreams, but my plants recovered and I harvested some kind Sour Diesel and Kali Mist nugs.

Still, let’s recognize that unforced errors are the most common errors in our cannabis grow rooms.

Here’s hoping you only throw marijuana growing touchdowns as you cultivate the world’s most powerful plant. Light up a Super Bowl of bud to celebrate a growing season without game-losing unforced errors!

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