The King of Kush Marijuana

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Kush Marijuana

Yummy Bubba Kush from Bret Bogue's Apothecary Genetics
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Kush Marijuana

Lovin' this yummy Tangerine Kush from Apothecary Genetics
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" Everyone wonders where Kush marijuana really came from! "

Bret Bogue is a renowned medical marijuana seed breeder and marijuana grow expert who has won the Cannabis Cup, been featured in High Times and several movies, created a medical cannabis university and helped bring the legendary Kush medical marijuana strain to its high prominence.  He’s the type of marijuana breeder, pioneer and activist who stands up to drug warriors and relentlessly pushes to improve marijiuana genetics, potency and legalization.

Bogue loves to teach marijuana cultivation techniques such as "super-cropping," and he revels in developing or improving strains such as Grape Ape, Tangerine Kush,  ChemDawg, Kaia Kush, Sour Grapes, Goo, Levity, and Very Berry Haze.

It’s no surprise they call Bret the “King of Kush.” Big Buds caught up with Bret Bogue as he multi-tasked his way through another OG Kush day in California…

Big Buds: Bret, when I heard them call you the King of Kush, I knew I had to start by asking you about the origins of Kush.
Bret Bogue:  OG Kush is originally from Pakistan and Afghanistan. Seeds were gathered in that region and brought to Florida in the early 1970’s and grown there in the Latin American community until the late 1980’s.  By 1992, it had been brought to California.  A young breeder named Josh started making a buzz with OG Kush in the Hollywood/LA scene.  By 1995, Josh had given it to TH Seeds in Amsterdam, which is run by Adam Dunn. He also gave it to  B-Real from Cypress Hill.  Thanks in part to these three people, OG Kush became a hugely sought-after strain, with a top value of $7500 per pound.  Nowadays, there are many different variations of OG Kush, such as Larry OG, Snoop OG, Valley OG, Tahoe OG, and on and on. Many seed companies claim to have seeds of OG Kush, but there are so many variations, it’s difficult to know if you have the actual, original OG Kush.  The original is an Indica-based strain but over the years OG Kush has been crossbred into many different hybrids.

Big Buds: I heard that OG Kush is somehow related to Chemdawg.
Bret: Chemdawg originated on the East coast of USA.  There were 5 friends who created Chemdawg, Chemdawg 91, and Chem D.  These strains can only be found in cutting form.  There are certain companies who claim to have original seeds, but at this point, there’s no proof to back that up.  The crew continues to work on the east coast. Chemdawg is a hybrid Indica/Sativa mix. 

Big Buds: Your company, Apothecary Genetics, has a strong reputation for producing reliable genetics. But many growers are having bad experiences sourcing seeds from breeders and re-sellers. Any tips?
Bret:  For most companies other than ones like ours, there is never true assurance that they have what they say they have.  In fact, many of them are selling fakes. Do your own research. Get feedback from growers who have tried seeds from that company. Get your genetics from as close to the source as possible and do your homework before purchasing seeds. You can look at the ratings of seed companies  and what is said about them on forums. In my experience, Green House Seeds and are very solid people.

Big Buds: What’s it like to search for the world’s best cannabis strains?
Bret: It’s fun to look back on how we got strains. It has been a passion of mine since the early 1990’s to collect the best heirloom strains. The GOO strain was given to me as a gift in 1996.  The history is that in the early 1970’s University of Washington scientists were researching four cannabis strains. A lab technician took a cutting of each strain, and one of my good buddies, “Captain Morgan,” got one of the cuttings from the lab tech.  At the time, the strain was unnamed.  I had known about this strain since high school; a friend of mine would sell it to me.  He had no idea what it was, so he went back to the Captain and the Captain said, “Just call it GOO!” Why did he name it GOO? Because it is gooey and can stick to a wall!  It is a 100% Thai Sativa.

So there you have it...the King of Kush shares his wisdom from the most high:)

Take a look at the incredible dank colors and resination of Bret Bogue’s Apothecary strains, and check out his website for additional information about marijuana genetics and education that’ll put more THC into your life!

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Photography by Bret Bogue, Bret Bogue
Article by Steve Davis, on Jul. 22nd 2011

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