Hydroponic Medical Marijuana Nutrient PPM Basics

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marijuana hydroponic ppm

PPM measure the amount of nutrients you feed your plants.
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" Starving Your Plants Of PPM After Flushing Can Give You Extra THC. "

Feeding Your Medical Marijuana The Right Nutrients In the Right Amount

Just like humans, your medical marijuana plants require different amounts of nutrients at different parts of their lifecycle. You wouldn't let a toddler eat an adult-sized portion of food, no matter how healthy the meal, and you shouldn't give your plants too much premium nutrients when they're not ready for them. The tweaking of the concentration of the nutrient solution at various growth periods further enhances the nutrient assimilation rate. The concentration of a solution is measured in Parts Per Million (PPM).

You wouldn’t normally have any nutrient solution feeding a newly cut clone, so the PPM of your solution at this stage isn’t an issue. Young, established seedlings or rooted clones however, are generally started at 500 to 600 PPM. This value is increased to 800 to 900 PPM during the peak foliage growth period. During the flowering period, the PPM is raised even higher to 1000 PPM. That’s a lot of nutrient, and it’s needed, every drop. It is at the flowering time that your plant will need the most resources.

Putting Your Crop On A Nutrient Diet

After the flowers have grown to buds, you’ll have to think about flushing the chemicals from your new creation. At this time, the plant still needs nutrients, but at a lower concentration. It is recommended then to reduce the concentration to 400 to 500 PPM for a couple of days to leach out the nutrients that have built up – you don’t want to end up smoking them.

It is at this point that some people like to starve their plant to stimulate the survival response of generating more natural oils within the plant that will combat dehydration. This controlled drought has been shown to increase the levels of oil in the plant, and thus the THC (the good stuff).

Getting Your Nutrient PPM Perfect

All hydroponic nutrients come with ratio instructions to get the right PPM to your plants. But expert growers often like to monitor their nutrient PPM themselves using a meter. There are many meters on the market that tests the PPM of the solution as a whole. Prices range from about $60.00 to $300.00. If you’re only growing a one-shot crop or just a few medical marijuana plants at a time, get the cheaper meter or carefully mix the nutrients per gram according to the labeled instructions. If you’re going full throttle and growing for a large number of patients, spend a bit more and get the reliability that comes with a quality product.

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