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marijuana Cannabis Cup

Cannabis Cup, Spannabis & other marijuana events celebrate the buds!
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" Put these rockin’ marijuana events on your bucket list. "

Many of us who grow or use marijuana like hanging out with other pot people at mass marijuana events. The most famous of these marijuana festivals is the High Times Cannabis Cup, held every Thanksgiving in Amsterdam.

The High Times Cannabis Cup got raided in 2011 for the first time ever…and hopefully the last time. In 2012, the Cannabis Cup went off without a hitch, and as a special gift, the Dutch government announced during the Cannabis Cup week that its plan to ban foreigners from Dutch marijuana shops in 2013 was being called off.

When you go to the High Times Cannabis Cup, you get to hang out with thousands of stoners from all across the world, fall into canals, eat space cake, sample and judge marijuana, listen to bands, crazed hippies, and comedians, go to the Van Gogh Museum, and generally get more wasted than you have ever been in your life.

The big news is that High Times is bringing the Cannabis Cup to Colorado. Not the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, but an actual Amsterdam-style Cannabis Cup that'll be held on 4-20 in Denver, Colorado...with Cypress Hill as the musical entertainment!

For serious stoners, the High Times Cannabis Cup has long been like taking a pilgrimage to Mecca. But there are other marijuana events you can also greatly enjoy, including…

Nimbin Mardi Grass: Australia has become the most vivid casualty of climate change, with wildfires, drought, and record-breaking temperatures as high as 126F, so hot that meteorologists had to invent new, enhanced weather charts to keep up with the unbelievably harsh heat and drought conditions.

Sad to say that climate change and drought are cruel factors that could affect Australia’s Nimbin Mardi Grass, the one of a kind marijuana event that goes beyond the standard model of booths, vendors, and seminars in an exposition hall.

Nimbin Mardi Grass is a harvest celebration held in May, which in the world down under is equivalent to our autumn. The event shows you real, rural Australia, and the hippie Mad Max power of Aussie marijuana growers, activists and tokers.

The event is primarily an outdoor festival, replete with Marijuana Olympics, swimming with leeches, a 30-foot-long joint, street parades, and smoking Australia’s primo, mostly outdoor-grown cannabis.

An hour away from Nimbin on the coast is one of the kindest towns on our planet: Byron Bay. It’s a hippie New Age haven with beautiful beaches, cliffs, girls, surfing, bodyboarding, hiking, hostels, food, and cannabis.

Unless climate change completely ruins Nimbin and the New South Wales province it’s located in, you owe it to yourself to go down under and get higher at Nimbin Mardi Grass.

High Times Medical Cannabis Cup: Some people, especially North Americans, prefer the America-based version of the High Times mass cannabis event to the Amsterdam version.

Traveling to the America-based Cannabis Cup events is easier than crossing the Atlantic to Amsterdam. High Times Medical Cannabis Cup events have so far been held in Michigan, Colorado, Washington, and California—of course these are all states with medical marijuana laws and/or full marijuana legalization.

If you live in America, you don’t have to cross international borders to get to these medical marijuana events, like you do if you go to Amsterdam.

You can drive to the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup, get yourself the finest OG Kush, Lemon Skunk, Haze, Trainwreck, Diesel, get clones and seeds, and drive back home.

Can’t do that if you go to the Amsterdam Cannabis Cup, right?

Now also, most marijuana connoisseurs who’ve sampled Dutch weed will tell you  the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup events feature better marijuana than you get in Amsterdam.

The High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver in April, 2013 will be the first time High Times has ever had a non-medical Cannabis Cup in North America, and you can bet that Colorado marijuana and marijuana extracts will kick ass compared to even the best you get in Holland!

Dutch marijuana is almost all grown indoors under lights in a very chemmy environment, and tends to be the same fantastic but old school genetics.

And pretty much the same marijuana shops and breeeders win the Amsterdam version of the High Times Cannabis Cup ever year.

But at the American High Times marijuana events, you get the latest West Coast and Colorado genetics, the marijuana is grown outdoors and indoors using the latest marijuana growing methods, and you also get an array of extracts such as wax, bubblehash, and budder..some of which you can’t find in Amsterdam. They’re “dab-happy!”

That’s why the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup events are among the “don’t-miss” events of the marijuana year.

Unfortunately, you have a hard dilemma choice to make if you want to attend the 2013 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Los Angeles because it’s being held the same weekend as the other marijuana mass event I recommend: Spannabis.

You’ve already read about Spannabis here at It’s happening in beautiful Barcelona, Spain the same weekend in February as the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.

Hard choice. Because Spanish marijuana and marijuana concentrates are almost in the same league as the West Coast genetics, clone-only stones, and top-shelf marijuana you get at the High Times events in America.

Not only that but Urban Grower Remo and Advanced Nutrients will be handing out free bling, energy drinks, nutrients, t-shirts, food, and fun at Spannabis…stuff you can’t get at the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup.

Spannabis, Nimbin Mardi Grass, the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup and the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam, the Treating Yourself expo, Vancouver’s 420-day celebration, Seattle Hempfest, the Ann Arbor Hash Bash, and other marijuana events are where our marijuana community gathers for fun and networking.

From Canada at Treating Yourself Expo, to the searing Aussie land down under, those of us who share the love of cannabis have plenty of kind choices so we get together with thousands of other cannabis lovers to attend marijuana mass events…just call it Planet Stoner.

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Article by Steve Davis, on Feb. 3rd 2013

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