GrowMed Medical Cannabis Show for Marijuana Growers Gearing Up in Valencia, Spain -- And We Will Be There!

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GrowMed Medical Cannabis Show for Marijuana Growers Gearing Up in Valencia, Spain -- And We Will Be There!

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The average person may still be recovering from the massive party that was February’s gigantic grow show, Barcelona’s Spannabis, but not us! The biggest story of Spannabis was Advanced Nutrients garnering tons of attention from show attendees, all eager to try out AN’s newest line of made-for-coco coir nutrients, and who had a lot of interest in AN’s new pH-Perfect line of nutrients as well. The excitement surrounding all of the new products from hydroponic manufacturers, outdoor-growing materials, and seeds from everyone involved with the show, led to one heck of an adventure for both vendors and attendees.

This excitement even led to a massive stampede of attendees on the Advanced Nutrients booth, where thousands of dollars worth of nutrient giveaways were snatched, as AN employees watched helplessly, but were still somewhat flattered by the excitement surrounding their new products.

The 2013 Spannabis Mob Scene -- Gotta Get Those Hands on AN Nutrients!


Valencia, Spain's GrowMed Cannabis Medical Show

Next month, the GrowMed Cannabis Medical Show will be held in Valencia, Spain, from April 19-21, and fresh off a win for “Best Product” at the GrowMed show in 2012 for their pH-Perfect line, Advanced Nutrients will be back for more!

Like with Spannabis, AN plans to have a large presence, complete with VIP area for store owners and special clients, the Coco-girls (a group of dancers who were a big hit at Spannabis), DJ Raw Land to rock the beats, a drawing with prizes worth over 1000 Euros, free samples including T-shirts, frisbees, magazines, pens, lighters, and goodie bags, and the famous AN “Wheel of Fortune” -- a popular feature of AN’s massive Spannabis booth.

Urban Grower Remo shows us Advanced Nutrients MASSIVE Booth at Spannabis


AN's MMJ Research Center At Spannabis; At GrowMed, this will include a THC-level monitor for the first time. 


DJ Raw Land Rocks the Beat at Spannabis 2013


Advanced Nutrients' Plan To Conquer GrowMed 2013

AN will also offer a new opportunity for growers to test the THC content of the medicine by using a new machine that easily checks the THC-levels, and will be offered as a service to attendees for the first time ever.

Extra pre-show events include: A Battle of the Bands, featuring Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rock, Punk, and Fusion, a street dance and parkour show, artistic graffiti exhibition, and a photo contest.


For more information about the Valencia GrowMed Cannabis Medical Show, visit their website, and for more information about Advanced Nutrients and their products can be found at their website.


The Brown Dirt Warrior Is Psyched For Spannabis!

Hottest Marijuana Babes At Spannabis 2013

DJs, Models and Dancing Buds - A Look Back At Spannabis 2013

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