Growing Medical Marijuana With Coco Coir? Choose The Right Nutrients!

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Use Nutes Formulated Specially For Your Coco Coir

Use Nutes Formulated Specially For Your Coco Coir
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" It is vitally important to find a fertilizer designed for coco coir when growing medical marijuana. "

Many medical marijuana growers who are looking to get the speed and control of hydroponics while still maintaining the forgiveness of soil are turning to coco coir. Coco coir, a renewable byproduct of the coconut industry, is a stable medium and has the unique capability to hold a high volume of oxygen even while saturated with water or nutrient solution. 

Because coco coir has very little nutrient value, the grower has complete control over the plant’s nutritional intake, and coco coir’s ability to hold a high oxygen ratio leads to accelerated root growth. A larger root mass increases the rate that plants uptake water and nutrients, maximizing overall growth.


Plant Nutrition in Coco Coir

It is vitally important to find a fertilizer designed for coco coir when growing medical marijuana. For starters, most coco coir contains notable levels of potassium, so your fertilizer must compensate for this in order to avoid potassium toxicity in your plants. 

Coco coir also has the tendency to bind up calcium and magnesium, which could cause detrimental problems as well. To achieve optimal growth, one must use a fertilizer with sufficient calcium and magnesium to avoid deficiency. 

pH in Coco Coir

Although coco coir is more forgiving than many other hydroponic growth mediums, there is still a good chance the pH will fluctuate out of the desired range, typically between 5.8 and 6.2. In order to maintain vigorous growth and prolific blooms, coco coir growers must keep a stabilized pH. because a pH that is too high or low will lock out a plants' roots' ability to absorb vital nutrients.

Advanced Nutrients’ Sensi Coco Fertilizers

Medical marijuana growers using coco coir can’t afford to miss Advanced Nutrients' specially-made coco-safe Sensi Grow and Sensi Bloom for their precious crops. The two-part Grow and two-part Bloom formulations are not only specifically designed for coco coir but are also specifically designed for medical marijuana’s nutritional requirements. 

This coco coir specific Sensi series has reduced potassium, increased calcium and magnesium, an added surfactant, and, best of all, pH Perfect® technology, an AN-exclusive. 

The added surfactant is a wetting agent that lowers the surface tension of liquid. In the case of nutrient solutions, wetting agents allow your nutrient solution to get closer to the actual cells of your roots, making it more absorbable. 

With the addition of a wetting agent and the pH Perfect® technology, Advanced Nutrients has created the most revolutionary coco coir formula on the market. For the first time, medical marijuana growers using coco coir can ensure their plants are receiving the optimal nutrition at the optimal pH.

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