Avoid The Health Concerns of Growing Medical Marijuana

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Protect yourself, your family and you patients.

Protect yourself, your family and you patients.
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" It’s not that there are hidden dangers. Most of them are pretty obvious.  "

For whatever reason, one of the last things we think about when working on a project is safety. The same is true for growing medical marijuana, and working in your garden.

It’s not that there are hidden dangers. Most of them are pretty obvious. It’s just that safety usually becomes an afterthought. Let’s face it; we associate being safe to anything but being cool. But when it comes to growing medical marijuana, a medicine, we should do all we can to ensure not only the health and safety of ourselves, but our patients as well. Being cool isn’t of concern here.

Here is a quick reference guide on what to keep in mind when it comes to safety and health hazards in the grow room.

HIDs and a Decrease in Your Vision

The most important thing for you to protect is your own health. Without you, there is no one to grow the world’s finest medical marijuana. While working in your grow room might not lead to immediate health risks, overexposure to HID lights can lead to a decreased ability to see colors and the formation of cataracts. There seems to be no documented evidence as of yet, but the industry is young, and you don’t need to stare at your 1000W HPS for very long to know that prolonged exposure could lead to a decrease in vision. (Writer’s note: Don’t stare at your HID lights.)

There are few companies out there today thinking about the safety of your eyes. One of them is Method Seven. While their glasses come at an extreme price tag, what they offer is nothing to balk at. With the glasses, you can see your bloom room as if it was in the light of day with added UV and infrared protection from the light source. Hydrofarm now also carries a pair of glasses called Lumii. These shades protect your eyes and cut out some of the red light.

Fire Safety In You Grow Room

Fire can decimate a garden of any size if the proper precautions are not taken. Don’t skimp on electrical work and don’t do it yourself if you don’t know what you’re doing.  Buy the proper panels to run your lights and hire a professional to install it. It may cost a chunk of change, but piece of mind is priceless. I’ve seen many grow rooms go up in flames because some lameo didn’t take the proper steps when it comes to powering a garden.

Even if everything is set up to code, accidents can still happen. A simple way to protect yourself against a room-engulfing blaze is with the Flame Defender. A multi-purpose dry chemical extinguisher, the Defender protects against all sorts of fire: electrical, combustible materials, such as paper or wood, and combustible gasses like propane and oil. Click here for more, and check out this video.

Patient Protection Counts

Don’t forget the end user, the person who will be medicating with your fine medicine. For most of us, the end user is likely a few close patients and ourselves.

Since we reap what we sow, make sure not to spray any harmful pesticides on any plant during flower. Pesticides can reside in a plants tissue for up to 8 weeks and WILL be there when you harvest. Also, make sure to cut out and/or treat all powdery mildew or mold. Also, make sure to do a proper 10-14 day flush. Don’t harvest and sell buds you wouldn’t want to medicate with yourself.


Be Careful What You Inhale

Finally, one somewhat hidden danger in the garden is working with powdered organics, Perlite or spraying for pests and powdery mildew. The ingredients in many of these products can be inhaled while working with them. It is recommended to wear a dust mask to prevent the contamination of your respiratory system, or simply ruin your lungs over time.

Taking simple steps to ensure not only your health and safety, but also that of others is another step key to becoming a professional gardener. Next time you’re in your garden, ask yourself, “Am I doing everything I need to ensure the long-term health and safety of myself and my patients.” You’ll likely find that there is a little something more you can do. Stay safe and good luck in the garden.

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