5 Critical Rules For New Indoor Marijuana Growers

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By Catelyn Snow


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Master indoor grow rooms produce quality buds

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" Keeping your grow room clean is as important as a chef keeping a clean kitchen. "

There is a ton of information that new indoor growers need to absorb when starting out, and our job is to make it as simple as possible for our readers to navigate the world of indoor horticulture.

While there are literally hundreds of tips and tricks that growers will discover throughout their hydroponic career, we have carefully chosen the five most important rules to remember when becoming an indoor grower. 

Research, Research, Research

Not only research the first step to becoming a quality grower, it also encompasses many tasks. Jumping into a new industry can be scary, but if you are truly fascinated by plants — even just marijuana — you will find yourself wanting to learn more and more, and there are plenty of us within the industry who are happy to teach you.

Call me biased, but BIG BUDS® is an excellent place to start, for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, we have a large amount of information about both indoor and outdoor growing, specifically catered toward marijuana. You may find that some growing blogs, while informative, are generalized to encompass all plants, so they will not be talking specifically about yours. 

We have some great videos by Remo, the Urban Grower, and the Brown Dirt Warrior, both famous throughout the community for a reason; dudes knows what they are doing and have won awards for their primo bud

Grow shows are another great way to learn about new products as well as talk to other growers. 

Get To Know The Gear

There is so much gear available, it can be overwhelming. Start by finding a good guide that will walk you through all of the products that you will need to properly start a grow, and keep in mind how large you want your garden to be, including what you want out of it. 

Do you want to grow just a few plants for your own personal use, or a larger garden so that you can become a caregiver? The amount of space that you have to work with is, of course, the number one consideration, but you will also have to think about the monthly expenses, like electricity and water costs.  

Just flipping though a hydroponics magazine, you will see a huge variety of companies who make gear. Some are great; others are sub-par. Learning about the different types of items available, the brands, and then doing research about the reputation about all of these companies is crucial.

Protect Your Privacy 

Because it’s best not having to deal with the legal side of growing at all, and certainly best to not be robbed, managing your privacy is an important aspect of this type of horticulture.

The best way to keep your business to yourself is to keep your mouth shut. Be friendly and social with your neighbors -- say “hello” at the mailbox, remain appropriately sociable, and for God's sake don’t throw any loud parties or be a nuisance. You do not want to be known as the "party" house on the block. 

You also may want to look into other security measures, which we discuss here.  

Efficiency is the Key to Being and Saving Green

Most electric companies have what are called “peak” and “off peak” hours, which determine how much they charge their customers during those times.

In some markets, power used during “peak” hours (which are typically during the official workday) can cost up to FOUR TIMES as much as their “non-peak” counterparts. Running your lights overnight can result in an intense price drop versus during the day. 

You also will want to make sure that the products you buy are energy efficient as well. Air conditioners, reverse osmosis machines, heat exhaust blowers, and many other products are available in lower-energy models. 

Monitor Your Garden Constantly and Keep It Clean

Get a good Tri-Meter (pH, ppm and temperature of your nutrient solution), plus a monitor for your grow room/tent, which will keep track of your room’s humidity and temperature. This meter is a must, even if you are using a pH-balancing nutrient like Advanced Nutrients' pH Perfect® line.

These levels essentially tell you how plants are doing. Learning to read the color and condition of your leaves is a skill that green thumbs learn too, but when you begin you will want to use your monitors to keep track of your little buddies as they grow. 

Spend a lot of time in your garden, watching the way your plants change as they grow, and constantly checking for any pests or other pathogens like mold or mildew. 

Keep Your Grow Room Immaculate

Keeping your grow room clean is about as important as a chef keeping a clean kitchen. During grows, constantly remove dead leaves from your plants, keep the floor of your garden free of debris, and clean your reservoir at least weekly if not more. Between grows, take everything out and bleach it.

And as always you can email your grower (and non-grower) related questions to CatelynSnow420@gmail.com!

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