Green Thumbs For Growing Medical Marijuana

Show me a grower who loves to grow, and I will show you a green thumb who takes the utmost care and attention to every aspect of growing.

Do you have a green thumb? Is there even such a thing? Are some people just naturally better gardeners? In my 25 years as a grower, I can say, categorically, that some people have a knack for growing—just like someone might have a knack for, say, cooking. Ever meet someone who, without any formal training, can open a seemingly empty cupboard and whip together a culinary delight as if almost by magic?

What does a green thumb have that other growers seem to lack? Here is what I have observed in the best medical marijuana growers.

Green thumbs love botany and gardening. They do it primarily for the love of it and, by extension, are fascinated by the life of plants, taking great satisfaction in being in their gardens and among those plants. Show me a grower who loves to grow, and I will show you a green thumb who takes the utmost care and attention to every aspect of growing, with a deep and abiding love for what it does.

This love of growing translates into all aspects of the craft, resulting in great attention to detail, to the point of obsession. For the plants, this is welcome—they live their lives pampered and well taken care of.

By contrast, the non-green thumbs are typically technical, paint by numbers guys—it’s generally all about the money for them. They don’t cater to the agenda of the plant, but to their own agenda.

The sooner they get out of their rooms and onto more interesting things, the better. They reduce growing to a technical pursuit that needs to get done, and may only care the minimal amount about the health of the plant or whether its every need is being met to insure optimal health and vitality. They lack intuition about the needs of the plant at any given time, and tend to not observe it as a living organism, per se.

This can result in force feeding the plant (among other thing) trying to make it yield more without considering what they are putting the organism through and how it is actually counter productive to push nature too hard. Non-green thumbs can be slow to detect problems in plants and often misdiagnose problems—a result of not truly observing the plants, having a inferior knowledge of botany, and not recruiting the right combination logic and intuition—often failing to deduce what they are doing to harm the plant.

Finally, there also seems to be an inexplicable aspect of the green thumb that cannot clearly be defined— like that guy who seems to have a way with animals, and even the most loyal, aloof and high-bred dogs just seen to pull away from their masters to greet and smell him.

Plants just love the green thumb, and seem eager to perform for him. Perhaps they sense how much he actually cares about their well-being.


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