Full Service MMJ Dispensaries Are Coming Up

Some medical marijuana dispensaries really great run businesses, not only providing their patients with medical marijuana, but also with tons of helpful information. The Alameda Wellness Center in Colorado is a perfect example of such a dispensary.

On their website, they provide step by step instructions on exactly how to obtain a medical marijuana card, even providing the forms necessary to send in to the medical marijuana registry. They also offer their own on site doctor’s appointments on the first Friday of every month, for only $75. They attract new members with fun promotions—for example, members get a gram of weed for a nickel on Mondays, and a joint for a nickel on Wednesdays! In fact, every day during the week, they offer fun, special promotions.

In the store they offer a variety of smoking accessories as well as a huge selection of seeds and clones. The dispensary’s website has a blog, and informative sections about medical marijuana laws, general medical marijuana facts, news, how to choose the right caregiver, and information about medical marijuana’s effect on various illnesses.

What really prompted me to write this article on this particular dispensary however, is their tantalizing assortment of edibles. Their current medicated menu includes Cheeba Chews (what look like delicious granola bars), lollypops, crème filled chocolate cake, peanut butter sandwich Oreo-like cookies, crème filled cupcakes that look exactly like Hostess cupcakes, oatmeal and chocolate chip cookies, vanilla wafers, raspberry jellies, and various flavors of sour patch kid-inspired candies. For the more savory palette, they offer roasted garlic crackers that look like Triscuits, beef jerky, macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup, and even olive oil. If you’re thirsty, not to worry- bottled drinks that will make you happy, are available in such flavors as mint green tea, lemonade black tea, pomegranate, lemonade, and fruit punch.



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