Marijuana Paranoia

Do You Suffer from Marijuana Paranoia?

We’re doing an series of articles about getting paranoid when you use marijuana.

Have you ever gotten high and suddenly felt scared, worried, anxious?

Some marijuana users report intense, unjustified fear, verging on paranoia, after smoking strong marijuana, especially Sativa strains.

I have a special word for marijuana paranoia: I call it “maranoia.”

In today’s article we’re detailing another type of marijuana-related paranoia. It’s an irrational fear of marijuana growers that’s pervasive in the hydroponics industry…

The people who are most paranoid about marijuana growers are the folks who run Maximum Yield Magazine and Maximum Yield indoor gardening expos.

Maximum Yield has long been an influential powerhouse in the hydroponics industry.

For many years, Maximum Yield was the only glossy, non-marijuana hydroponics magazine you could find at hydroponics stores.

Maximum Yield organizes and hosts the only annual series of hydroponics “indoor gardening expo” events in North America.

Maximum Yield expos provide opportunities for hydroponics companies and growers to network and view hydroponics merchandise.

Maximum Yield expos are as professionally run as any high-end trade show.

Those shows are a perfect time for hydroponics businesspeople to catch up on international hydroponics industry news, and for thousands of growers to see a massive hall filled with wicked hydroponics gear and people who love hydroponics.

The indoor gardening expos are fun…and good for business! But there’s a big problem…

Maximum Yield’s Zero Tolerance for Marijuana

Even though USA Maximum Yield expos are held only in medical marijuana or legal marijuana states like California and Colorado, Maximum Yield has a rigid “zero tolerance” policy regarding medical marijuana.

The anti-marijuana policy applies to Maximum Yield magazine and its indoor gardening expo events– marijuana cannot be mentioned at all in the magazine or at expos.

I’ve met many marijuana growers and patients who have serious illnesses and want to experience the Maximum Yield indoor gardening expo fun, but they ran afoul of the zero tolerance policy.

They need to be able to bring their medicine to the indoor gardening expo. They need to use their medicine on premises, just as some diabetics have to take an insulin shot during a Maximum Yield event.

But because of the Maximum Yield zero tolerance policy, they cannot attend the events and use their marijuana medicine.

They’re shut out of the indoor gardening expo, even though they are legal medical marijuana people whose use of their medicine is necessary for maintaining their health.

Another thing that happens from paranoia is censorship: Maximum Yield requires potential indoor gardening expo exhibitors to sign a lengthy marijuana “zero tolerance agreement” giving Maximum Yield absolute power to arbitrarily and unilaterally censor and exclude hydroponics companies that want to exhibit at an indoor gardening expo.

When Maximum Yield says “zero tolerance,” they mean zero tolerance.

Whether you’re a sick and dying patient who needs to use weed during the expo, or a hydroponics entrepreneur, if Maximum Yield suspects you of being involved with marijuana, you won’t be allowed into their events.

Over the years, and including this year, people have been heartbroken when Maximum Yield contacted exhibitors, sometimes after Maximum Yield has collected exhibitor booth booking fees, telling them their hydroponics products violate the zero tolerance policy.

This exclusion dismays banned exhibitors. They lament missing a rare chance to hang out with the hydroponics community.

They were looking forward to the Maximum Yield events, and had in some cases already paid their money to attend. Now they’re suddenly out in the cold.

Maximum Yield has long had a special zero tolerance policy targeted towards hydroponics nutrients manufacturer Advanced Nutrients, refusing to allow the company to exhibit at expos or advertise in Maximum Yield magazine since the mid-2000s.

Prior to the ban, Maximum Yield allowed Advanced Nutrients into its expos, and it was the only time that Maximum Yield expos were truly exciting and fun.

Advanced Nutrients rented massive space at the indoor gardening expos and they turned entire sections of the expo into a party zone.

Advanced Nutrients’ expo booths, floor to ceiling graphics, hot girls, mixed drink freebies (such as an Iguana Juice cocktail), edgy style and incomparable after-parties were absolutely legendary.

Maximum Yield banned Advanced Nutrients because the company was founded by and is run by a professional marijuana grower and marijuana nutrients pioneer (Michael Straumietis) who is up front about the fact that his company’s products are meant to improve marijuana growth rate, harvest weight, and potency.

By banning Advanced Nutrients, Maximum Yield’s zero tolerance policy robs Maximum Yield of the excitement and energy that banned companies could have contributed to Maximum Yield expos.

It’s a lose-lose for Maximum Yield, its vendors, and its customers.

Because if you go to a product expo and can’t talk to people about the plants you grow, you can’t get the best information about those products and how they’ll work in your marijuana garden.

The Maximum Yield anti-marijuana attitude is part of a hydroponics industry faction that includes General Hydroponics.

When Scotts Miracle-Gro purchased General Hydroponics in early 2015, GH founder Larry Brooke dissed marijuana growers and made it clear that General Hydroponics has NEVER intended its products be used for marijuana plants.

Does Marijuana Zero Tolerance Hurt the Hydroponics Industry?

Here’s a description of what happened to the owner of one of the companies Maximum Yield banned from Maximum Yield indoor gardening expos for “violation of the zero tolerance policy.”

This man is a solid, reliable, friendly hydroponics entrepreneur. His products couldn’t get anyone busted. They don’t violate contraband or paraphernalia laws.

The man’s advertising and media image don’t mention marijuana. You find ads in Maximum Yield magazine that are more “suggestive” of marijuana growing than this guy’s advertising.

He’s loves the Maximum Yield indoor gardening expo tour. He loves manufacturing his hydroponics products too.

And he’s proud that our industry and customers have changed state laws to allow state-approved professional medical marijiuana growing from California to Maine.

This hydroponics entrepreneur is profoundly sad that Maximum Yield excludes innovative hydroponics companies, and medical marijuana growers.

“Maximum Yield has a lot of power,” he said. “They really can make or break a hydroponics company. If they welcomed marijuana growers and all hydroponics companies to their magazine and events, they could unite the hydroponics industry, help our grower customers, protect our retail stores. We’d all grow and prosper more. And no longer would there be some of us banned from the Maximum Yield world, left out in the cold.”

The Maximum Yield zero tolerance policy is seen by many as an example of marijuana-related paranoia.

It’s one thing to admit that, yes, we’re in an edgy, controversial industry. Yes, there was a federal raid on a few hydroponics stores more than a quarter century ago.

But the Maximum Yield zero tolerance policy implies that our industry has something bad to hide.

It dims the “revolutionary” power of what hydroponics manufacturers, retailers and medical marijuana growers create.

It makes it look like we’re afraid to talk about the fact that we’re an ethical, progressive, increasingly-powerful industry producing food, fuel, fiber…and one of the safest and most broadly-beneficial medicines and intoxicants ever discovered.

Is Maximum Yield marijuana paranoia justified?

When you ask Maximum Yield to provide actual evidence that there’s a clear and present danger with law enforcement planning an imminent attack on our hydroponics marijuana industry, they haven’t got any evidence.

That’s paranoia– being afraid of an invisible, imaginary boogeyman who isn’t really there.

Maximum Yield, please tell us specifically why you’re so worried, because lots of other hydroponics people are not worried at all. Why aren’t they worried? They get it that the marijuana revolution has happened despite government opposition.

And marijuana is TOTALLY legal in Colorado and Washington, and millions of us buy hydroponics products and use them to grow the finest, most marijuana that has ever been grown.

High Times Cannabis Cup events are held in the same states where Maximum Yield expos are held. The High Times events are way more useful and fun for marijuana growers than Maximum Yield events.

And the High Times events are never raided or otherwise harassed by police.

It’s not like the Maximum Yield zero tolerance policy is fooling anyone, or providing protection against an actual imminent threat.

Everybody knows our hydroponics industry offers killer equipment, nutrients and strategies to herb growers.

Instead of being paranoid about that, more and more people want the industry to celebrate our hard-won medical marijuana cultivation freedom…instead of run away from it.

Battling the Sativa-Paranoia Medical Marijuana Monkey

Of course, I understand how fear terrorizes the mind and weakens one’s spirit. It reminds me of my own battles with marijuana-related paranoia.

Sometimes I’ve inhaled a strong Sativa, and suddenly everything changed. For the worse. I was high, all right. But it wasn’t the high I’d wanted.

It was like being in some scary I’m-being-chased movie.

Sometimes after a hit of Sativa I’d get paranoid and run in circles trying to devise totally insane hiding places for my seeds, cash, nutrients bottles, buds, and hydroponics grow supplies. On some occasions, I even considered killing all my plants.

My maranoid mind was convinced that the police were just around the corner, massing to come raid me. It seemed so real to me.

I had been raided many years ago, and it haunted me, but thank god the Sativa-paranoia went away when my high was over, leaving me embarrassed by the fear, and spending a lot of time trying to remember where I’d hidden everything!

The main thing to realize is, sometimes you’re afraid for no valid reason. You’re paranoid. Your fears are crippling you.

And that’s how it is with Maximum Yield, General Hydroponics, and everyone else making money off marijuana growers who refuse to honor marijuana growers and talk honestly about marijuana growing.

In our marijuana paranoia articles, we’re sharing secrets for getting rid of, or even enjoying getting paranoid from marijuana!

I sincerely hope the good folks at Maximum Yield will rid themselves of marijuana paranoia, and embrace the marijuana growing community instead of just profiting from it!

Daniel Dharma has a master’s degree that combines religious studies, neuropsychology and counseling therapy. He spent many years studying the use of medical marijuana as a tool for self-improvement, spiritual enhancement, and overall health. Look for his articles that explore the inner terrain of marijuana use and gardening.

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