Did Marijuana Make This Young Woman Bi-Sexual?

Does marijuana as an aphrodisiac make you more likely to be sexually adventurous and satisfied?

As a woman and cannabis grower who writes about marijuana and sex, I’m convinced marijuana opens you to new sexual experiences.

Here’s how it happened in my life…

Until recently, I considered myself 100% heterosexual. The thought of having sex with another woman wasn’t repulsive to me, it just bored me. I had no interest in young woman bi-sexual and wasn’t even “bi-curious.”

As I got more into growing medical marijuana, I became close friends with other female marijuana growers. All of them are good people who grow fine, mostly-organic medical marijuana.

My favorite grower friend is Deb, a marijuana cultivator with an inside track to rare marijuana strains in the western United States.

I spend a lot of time with her because she’s better at growing than I am. Her grow room inspires and educates me to make my marijuana garden more productive.

After we knew each other a few weeks, Deb said she was a young woman bi-sexual—and attracted to me. I told her I was flattered, but didn’t have any desire to have sex with her or any other woman.

She didn’t pursue the topic, and we continued to get high together and help each other with our marijuana grow ops.

One evening after her latest harvest had dried and cured, I went to her home looking forward to sampling her very own marijuana strain that had unusual lab results considering the genetics were mostly Sativa: 17% THC and 3% CBD.

Most marijuana strains have far less CBD than that (CBD is a cannabinoid that mostly affects the body).

She said this marijuana strain gave her a “weird” high that had more of a body stone than most Sativa-dominant marijuana strains do, while also providing mental stimulation, energy, and euphoria.

It makes your body feel warm and energetic, she reported, but it also causes deep head-trips and emotional fantasies.

She surmised that the strain’s unusual Haze + Diesel + Kush genetics were “mixed up with each other” to cause the unusual high.

Sampled through a vaporizer, and through color-changing glass with ice in it, the marijuana tasted sweet, skunky, peppery, and somewhat Haze-y…unlike any marijuana I’d tasted.

Every inhalation gave me a wicked head rush, the kind that opens your sinus passages. Then, I felt a sudden, surprising surge of immediate, tingly sexual arousal.

“Oh my god,” I blurted out, “this bud made me horny. I can feel it in my crotch big-time.”

Deb responded, “I know exactly what you mean.”

We started laughing…probably more from embarrassment than anything else.

But the high gave me the confidence to indulge this surprising sexual moment, rather than mentally analyze it or talk myself out of it.

I suddenly got it that a couple of women who had only “been friends” had instantly (through marijuana) become ready for sexual fun with each other.

I half-jokingly asked Deb if she’d gotten me high so she could seduce me.

After we got done laughing, and with a “We’re super high so let’s go for it” attitude, we made love and hit that weed for many ecstatic hours.

Stoner sex with Deb was a psychedelic sensual journey that gave me much newfound pleasure and sexploration. I’d have to use porn words to adequately describe how hot it was, but BigBudsMag.com isn’t a porn site.

The one thing I can say is bi-sexual sex is in some ways more tender, orgasmic, and safe than having sex with a man.

Deb and I had a very hot, creative, cannabis-centered sexual relationship for nearly a year, and then (when she entered into a monogamous relationship), we went back to being “just friends.”

I thank her, and marijuana, for helping me enjoy sex with another woman. I now consider myself a young woman bi-sexual, and am very happy that my sexual boundaries are so expanded.

When people ask if some marijuana strains are “sex weed” that turns you on and helps you become a little more wild and crazy with sex, I remember the juicy girl-girl sex Deb and I enjoyed…and it’s obvious the answer is yes.

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