Despite What You’ve Heard… Colorado is Not Yet Marijuana Heaven

Colorado Colorado Colorado!!! Let’s all move to Colorado because marijuana is 100% legal there now, and you don’t even need a medical marijuana card.



I live in Colorado and grow marijuana here.

I have to tell you, don’t believe the Colorado marijuana legalization hype.

Yes, marijuana is more legal here than in any other state.

But it isn’t total legalization.

It’s not like a marijuana plant has the same legal status as a tomato plant.

In fact, the war on marijuana is alive and well in Colorado.

It’s just taken on a different tone and approach.

The main approach is for the state government and a few big money growers and sellers to make hundreds of millions of dollars off of marijuana production and retail.

Despite the fact that a tourist can walk into a marijuana shop and buy a quarter ounce of weed, our Colorado marijuana laws contain many marijuana restrictions that never existed before in America.

One of them (which was later rescinded) treats marijuana magazines like they’re magazines with beaver shots.

Yes, that’s right—in Colorado now, if you want to buy High Times or any other marijuana magazine, the store selling it to you has to keep it behind the counter as if it’s a porno mag.

WTF? What sense does that make? Colorado doesn’t require gun magazines be sold from behind the counter.

How about magazines that show and promote all kinds of violence, such as Soldier of Fortune?

How about magazines that promote pesticides, herbicides, alcohol, automobile racing, and other things that are way more dangerous than marijuana?

Little kids can see all those magazines.

How about magazines that show something we all agree is sickeningly obscene, like little Justin Bieber with his shirt off, or a paparazzi crotch shot of Britney Spears’ vagina.

Why not put those “bad for children” magazines in a special section of the store too?

Not only that, but the Colorado government has put a massive sales and excise tax on marijuana purchases.

Yes, you can grow six marijuana plants, but only three can be flowering at any one time.

Why is that? What kind of serious grower can abide by that kind of restriction?

My answer is: not me.

You’re not allowed to have neon signs or any advertisements with pot leaves on them in Colorado now.

They’re arguing about whether you can have pot leaf logos on t-shirts.

They’re trying to put ludicrous regulations on marijuana edibles and medibles. Read about that here.

The Colorado approach also includes a pay to play system enabling wealthy speculators to come in and buy grow licenses and set up 25,000-watt grow ops to produce generic commercial weed.

It’s already squeezed out many of the professional small-scale growers who produced the highest-grade marijuana.

The funny thing is, most Colorado marijuana growers and users believe our state’s cannabis laws are wonderful.

People say Colorado marijuana laws aren’t perfect but they’re far better than those throw ‘em in jail for life marijuana laws in Oklahoma and Texas.

Yes, they’re better (and getting shot in the leg is better than getting shot in the head), but why get shot at all?

The way I see it, and my view is shared by the few “radical” people still alive in Colorado, is that cannabis was grown by the “founding fathers,” and should be no more regulated than tomatoes.

People, how did it get to the point where we allow the government to tell us what plants we can and can’t grow and use?

Where we are profoundly grateful that they charge us a massive sales tax to purchase marijuana, while at the same time creating new marijuana DUI laws that criminalize any amount of THC in your blood, and treating marijuana magazines as if they’re porn.

All I can say is, before you pack up your wagons, hitch up the horses, and pony yourself across the plains to move to marijuana heaven in Colorado, realize that the power of America’s ludicrous federal marijuana prohibition, along with the Colorado’s unquenched tax greed and draconian regulations…makes this state less like heaven and more like purgatory.

Colorado has a long long way to go before real marijuana freedom is enacted.

In the meantime, the Colorado government and a few people will make a lot of money off of the insanely complex regulations that people call “Colorado marijuana legalization.”

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