Chalice festivalHigh potency dabs in the California desert in July. Fireworks in your brain!

Fire Up the Dabs at California’s Chalice Festival in July

Ready for a high weekend in California’s high desert where you can experience mountains of shatter, wax, budder, rosin, oils and other cannabis concentrates, buy beautiful glass, cannabinoid extraction equipment, and dab rigs, and infuse your entire being with THC?!?

Then head to the Chalice Festival at San Bernardino County Fairgrounds in Victorville, California.

The festival, referred to as the “Coachella of Cannabis Concentrates,” starts July 7th and ends July 9th.

Along with lab-tested samples of California’s strongest, cleanest, purest concentrates, Chalice Festival always has top musical acts.

This year’s artists include Ice Cube, Cypress Hill, Big Boi, Warren G, and Sound Tribe Sector 9.

When you’re high and want functional, artistic eye candy, Chalice Festival offers you top-rank conceptual art and glass blowing.

You’ll see collector’s glass worth thousands of dollars for each piece.

Many people ask if marijuana tourism is big in California yet—the answer to that question is very appropriate for out-of-staters who want to go to Chalice Festival.

Although California voters legalized recreational marijuana in 2016, legal sales of recreational marijuana don’t start until 2018.

That means you still need a medical cannabis card.

Chalice has in the past provided doctors who can examine visitors and certify them for medical cannabis use.

At past festivals, some visitors were asked to state that we possessed medical marijuana cards, and then given wristbands to signify that we did.

Regardless, you always want to be careful when traveling to and attending cannabis events.

Local police and city government aren’t friends of our cannabis community.

Nevada police recently threatened a High Times event, even though cannabis is legal in that state.

Local police tried to get state officials to cancel Chalice Festival, and the police chief publicly stated he has undercover officers at the event.

We called the police department to ask how they intended to police this year’s Chalice Festival, and were given off-the-record comments.

An officer claimed “nobody was arrested for cannabis” at past Chalice Festival events, and that undercover and uniformed police officers “are on duty at many events at the fairgrounds, including this one, but only to protect health and safety.”

The officer admitted his department has seen absolutely no violence or any other unsafe behavior at past Chalice Festival events.

“We’ve had a lot more problems at other kinds of events. Marijuana people are peaceful and sane. The biggest problems are from heat, people not drinking enough water, people who consume more or stronger cannabis than they’re used to,” he said. “The Chalice Festival promoters do a great job managing this event.”

For ticketing and other Chalice Festival information, see here.

And remember, it’s the desert, and it’s hot and dusty. Bring lots of cold beverages!

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