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In Oregon, Medical Marijuana Costs Can Be Tax Deductable

According to the Associated Press, when tax time comes around this year, some medical marijuana patients in Oregon can actually deduct their medical marijuana prescription costs off of their taxable income. This law applies to the elderly and permanently disabled state residents who qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. Both groups are allowed to deduct […]

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Countries With The Biggest Potheads Are Revealed

Every year, the United Nations’ Office on Drugs and Crime releases a World Drug Report. This report is an analysis of the global drug market, and was just released this week. The report take a rare look at drugs  on a global level, including which drugs are the most popular in each country, retail and […]

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Talking To Your Kids About Medical Marijuana

Because of the legalization of medical marijuana across a number of states in the U.S., many parents around the country are finding themselves having the dreaded “drug talk” with their children much earlier than they had expected. This important conversation is actually not so much a problem, but rather a challenge and opportunity for parents […]

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