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Seth Rogen Marijuana Movie

Marijuana Fun: Watch Rogen & Franco Movie “The Interview” Right Now!

Insane wannabe terrorists threatened violent attacks if Sony Entertainment screens a new movie from Pineapple Express co-stars James Franco and Seth Rogen, but you can watch the movie right here right now. Rogen and Franco’s “The Interview” was scheduled for worldwide theater release on Christmas Day, 2014. The movie depicts Seth Rogen and James Franco […]

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Medical Marijuana

Did Congress Just End the War on Medical Marijuana?

If you believe what you hear from lamestream major media like CNN and Huffington Post, you’d be celebrating news headlines claiming “Congress legalized medical marijuana.” Too bad that’s not what Congress did! Hydroponics nutrients inventor Michael Straumietis was on a nationally broadcast talk show recently, and the host asked him how he felt about Congress […]

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Marijuana Medibles Recipes

Here’s the Playbook for Your Gourmet
Marijuana Christmas Food Feast

Do you want a very high Christmas? Well then—it’s time to make the following marijuana medible gourmet food recipes. These delicious marijuana-infused dishes will make your Christmas dinner into a stoner party. So here are your easy marijuana recipes: Vegan Cannabis Pumpkin Pancakes Ingredients 1 cup vanilla soymilk 1 tbsp lemon juice ¼ cup Coconut […]

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Marijuana Legalization is Great for Schools

Hydroponics Nutrients Inventor Says “Marijuana Legalization is Great for Schools”

Among the biggest myths from marijuana opponents are their false claims that marijuana legalization harms teenagers and has absolutely no benefits for society. Hydroponics nutrients pioneer Michael Straumietis recently appeared on a nationally-broadcast political debate program and totally trashed those lies. Straumietis, the founder and owner of hydroponics nutrients manufacturer Advanced Nutrients, appeared on a […]

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Marijuana Legalization

Is Marijuana Legalization Good for Marijuana Growers?

I’ve been growing marijuana longer than some of you have been alive! Yup, I’m an “old grower!” I  used to sell weed for $20 an ounce, and those were bags with sticks and stems along with cannabis seeds and some buds. I wish I’d saved those seeds and bred them to keep them fresh, because […]

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fly high with marijuana

Here’s How to Enjoy a Colorado Marijuana Tour

Imagine you want the ultimate cannabis vacation on the planet right now. Where do you go? Colorado—home of the Rocky Mountain high. Some of us are good at using travel websites like Yelp or Trip Advisor, or going somewhere with a credit card, I-Phone, and GPS and making our own fun. But when you want […]

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Grandmas smoking weed pot for the first time

Grandmas Smoking Weed & Growing it Too!

Out back of my grandma’s tidy little house, next to her geraniums and bonsai trees, she has large clay pots containing not soil and tomato plants, but rockwool and marijuana plants.  Yes, my 71-year-old grandma is a medical marijuana grower. Don’t get me wrong…Grandma’s not a lifelong stoner. She never listened to The Beatles or […]

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Marijuana Hemp

Rope Versus Dope: Marijuana Growers Just Say No To Hemp

I grow premium marijuana indoors and outdoors. In my refrigerator, stainless steel containers filled with Platinum Kush, Jack Herer, and Super Silver Haze share shelf space with nutritious, delicious hulled hemp seeds, and food-grade hemp oil. Hemp seeds are the most efficient source of essential proteins and fatty acids. You could live a long time eating […]

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