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Why Marijuana Growers Are Awesome Parents!

We’ve all heard news reports about kids taken away from parents who grow or use marijuana. Parents who smoke cigarettes, drink booze, take pharmaceuticals, have firearms in the home, or give their kids junk food… nobody arrests them. But if a parent gets caught with a joint, her or she is often declared an unfit […]

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Driving With Medical Marijuana

Often times, clients ask me how to safely and legally travel with their medical cannabis. While I warn them that traveling with cannabis is always illegal under federal law, the reality is there are smarter ways to travel with medicine under state law, so as to avoid unnecessary litigation and arrest. First, the best way […]

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How Much Medical Marijuana Is Considered Personal Use?

What is an amount of Medical Marijuana relevant to personal medical use? It is a term very relevant to Medical Cannabis litigation in California. And it actually comes into question more often than just relating to medicinal use. It becomes relevant in many drug cases where patients are accused of actually being dealers. I have […]

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