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Hydroponics Marijuana Harvesting Insider Strategies

Harvesting your medical hydroponics marijuana is a make or break process, and so is what you do with your marijuana after you harvest. Harvesting is also a time to use very creative techniques to increase your marijuana yield and THC potency. Let’s continue to explore professional harvesting, drying and curing techniques that give you your […]

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Using “Good Bugs” to Protect Your Hydroponics Marijuana Plants

The absolutely amazing old school marijuana grower we call GrowDaddy has been growing fine marijuana since 1966. I love his Kush 47 buds and his other mind-blowing marijuana strains. I admire his cultivation wisdom, expertise and practices. But he doesn’t totally understands hydroponics marijuana growing, and admits that his reliance on supersoil and organics costs him in […]

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How to Grow $51,000 Worth of Marijuana Profits

If you could make thousands of $$$$$ growing medical marijuana in just a few months, with minimal investment in grow equipment and supplies, would you do it? My bud buddy Jake made $51,000 last year growing outdoor medical marijuana at two guerilla locations. Maybe a better way to put it is he planted some marijuana […]

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Stones Driving

Marijuana and Driving: Safety on The Marijuana Highway

Driving back home to Northern California from a San Francisco-area medical marijuana dispensary, I struggled to keep my car on the road. I was way too high, and should never have gotten behind the wheel. I was too stoned to be operating my hulk of pollution-generating machinery. In the previous few hours, I’d smoked Trainwreck, […]

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